Did you know that there might be water in Pluto?

May 23, 2019 Technology
An investigation shows that the planet has an insulating layer of gas hydrates that allows the existence of an ocean

Do you want to buy a video beam? 5 tips not to fail

May 09, 2019 Technology
Projectors may not even tickle TVs in competition, but increasingly cheaper and more efficient devices are coming onto the market.

3 incredible smartphones that cost less than 300 dollars

May 08, 2019 Technology
In many cases, the price is an impediment to acquire a good and modern smartphone. However, LatinAmericanPost presents 3 economical devices

How much does 1 GB of mobile data cost in Latin America?

May 06, 2019 Technology
Here we tell you about the most expensive plans and what you can do with 1 GB of mobile data

3 uses of facial recognition that demonstrate how technology revolutionized

May 02, 2019 Technology
Beyond being used to unlock a phone, facial recognition has changed the way it works in other fields of society such as tourism or health

The 3 most powerful women in the technological world

Apr 26, 2019 Technology
Some of the giant companies in Silicon Valley have these women in high positions. Know them

'Netiquette': 10 rules of coexistence on the internet

Apr 09, 2019 Technology
As if it were a digital etiquette manual, these rules help us improve coexistence in the network

Is artificial intelligence the composer of the 21st century?

Apr 04, 2019 Technology
The examples of music created by artificial intelligence multiply, which makes us wonder: how far will it go?
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