Robots to install telescopes to peer into cosmos from the moon

Jul 15, 2019 Technology
Fotografía de la luna llena
the U.S. space agency, private companies and other nations that will transform the moonscape in the coming decade

Here’s a fact: We went to the moon in 1969

Jul 12, 2019 Technology
Moon landing in 1969
Public opinion polls over the years have consistently shown roughly 5% to 6% of Americans believe the moon landing was faked

3 million US students don't have home internet

Jul 09, 2019 Technology
Estudiante usando en su computador
Students without internet at home are more likely to be students of color, from low-income families or in households with lower parental education levels

A UCLA professor faces 219 years in prison for smuggling chips with military applications to China

Jul 07, 2019 Technology
Profesor Yi-Chi Shih siendo detenido por la policía
A UCLA professor and electrical engineer was found guilty of conspiracy to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act

Following two earthquakes, the searching for hidden tremors continues in Southern California

Jul 07, 2019 Technology
A house is left damaged by an earthquake, triggered by a previous day quake, near the epicenter in Trona, California
Ten times more earthquakes now detected in Southern California. The richer data set will allow scientists to gain a clearer picture of how seismic events affect the region

The Pros and Cons of in-car personal assistants

Jul 06, 2019 Technology
Hombre conduciendo un automóvil
Smartphone personal assistants, such as Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant, can be used for a variety of tasks

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality revolutionize makeup practices

Jun 27, 2019 Technology
Artificial intelligence and augmented reality have created a more personalized and revolutionary makeup

Harry Potter Wizards Unite takes you to the magical world

Jun 26, 2019 Technology
Personajes de la saga de Harry Potter y capturas de pantalla del juego Harry Potter Wizards Unite
Are you a Harry Potter lover? With the new augmented reality game, you can enjoy yourself as if you were inside the magical world

How laser revolutionized the technology of everyday objects?

Jun 25, 2019 Technology
Impresora laser portatil y tratamiento dermatológico con laser
The perfection of the laser has evolved widely diverse fields such as health and industry making them more effective, faster and less invasive

All you need to know about Asteroid Lu

Jun 22, 2019 Technology
Vida Latinamerican Post
Discovered by NASA last May, the asteroid measures between 85 and 193.5 feet wide and will approach 985 thousand miles away

PS4 and Xbox One: how to know when to buy or change your console?

Jun 18, 2019 Technology
Tirilla de compra y Control de PS4 azul y de Xbox verde en un fondo de una tienda
In 2019 would come new improvements for the current consoles of fourth generation of Sony and Microsoft

What does the alliance between Russia and Huawei mean?

Jun 12, 2019 Technology
The Chinese company will coordinate with the Slavic country to develop 5G technology

Accuvoice, or how to listen to television dialogues better

May 31, 2019 Technology
logotipo accuvoice
If you have problems listening to dialogues on television due to external noise, Accuvoice can be your new best friend

Red Dead Redemption II's online mode got out of its beta stage

May 29, 2019 Technology
Will Red Dead Redemption Online overcome the experience of Grand Theft Auto V's online version, a success since its release that does not seem to decline?
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