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Tiananmen student, 25 Years Later

Wu’er Kaixi took a microphone beneath a portrait of the Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen and began firing up the crowd around him.

New movement tackles constitutional changes in Cuba

More than 300 roundtable sessions that attracted 2,400 people were held last weekend in Cuba, part of a project to reach a consensus among political players and civil society — inside and outside Cuba — on a proposed constitution.

Brazil child sex trade alarm as World Cup nears

Joana Maranhao retired from swimming after the last Olympic Games in London, partly because she felt she could no longer compete at the top level and partly because she has a new battle to fight.The battle to curb the child sex trade

King Juan Carlos of Spain to Abdicate

King Juan Carlos of Spain said Monday that he was abdicating in favor of Crown Prince Felipe, his 46-year-old son, explaining in an address to the nation that it was time for a new generation to “move to the frontline” and take on the country’s challenges.

When Cannabis Goes Corporate

Hershey stopped producing chocolate in Smiths Falls, Ontario, six years ago. The work went to Mexico, but the factory remains, along with reminders of the glory days: A sign that once directed school buses delivering children for tours. A fading, theme-park-style entrance that marks what used to be the big attraction — a “Chocolate Shoppe” that sold about $4 million of broken candy and bulk bars a year.

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