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After 70 Years of Men, Some Say It Is ‘High Time’ a Woman Led the U.N.

Growing calls for a woman to lead the United Nations reflect not only an appeal for gender equity but also frustration with the opaque way in which world powers bargain over the appointment.

Venezuela declares martial law

The Venezuelan president declares a state of emergency in a border region near Colombia following an attack by smugglers, in which three soldiers and a civilian were injured.

Top 1% Richer Than Rest of the World Combined

One percent of the world’s population will own more of the world’s wealth than the other 99 percent by 2016, a state of affairs that hinders the fight against poverty, the Oxfam International charity said on Monday.

World Humanitarian Day: ‘Each One of Us Can Make a Difference’

On the eve of World Humanitarian Day, marked on 19 August, the United Nations drew attention to the 100 million people affected by natural disasters, conflict, hunger and disease, whose needs are far outstripping the capacity to help them

House votes to undo Obama immigration actions

House Republicans approved legislation Wednesday to overturn President Barack Obama's key immigration policies and expose thousands of younger immigrants to deportation.

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