Bogotá Approves Sale Of ETB

City council authorizes mayor to sell city's 80 percent of company shares.

What Latin America can learn from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is hardly a model country, but it has laid out a plan to end its dependence on oil, something that many Latin American countries, that depend on commodity exports for more than 80 percent of their export income, should learn from.

Imbalances in Costa Rica’s FTA with Colombia

Costa Rica imports much more than what it exports in its trade partnership with Colombia, business opportunities are still plenty.

No deal is better than a bad deal: 4 years of US-Colombia free trade pact

Since a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia came into force on May 15, 2012, exports from Colombia to the US have been cut in half while violence against labor rights workers persists.

Ecopetrol manages to increase revenue despite the low oil prices

Colombia’s largest oil producer posted a 126% increase in net profit for the year’s first trimester, how was that possible in this economic climate?

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