International Day of Afro Women, To Preserve Their Origins and Rights

Since 1992, we have commemorated the International Day of Afro Latin-American, Caribbean, and the Diaspora Descendent Women as a result of the efforts of women…

Tips You Should Apply to Protect Cyclists

Cyclists on a busy street
These are some tips that you should keep in mind to take care of cyclists

Colombia: Why Are The Protests Returning To The Streets?

Protests in Colombia
This July 20, several Colombian social sectors will march again. The Government fears that the protests of April 28 that lasted more than 2 months will be…

Latin America in short: social tension in Cuba and Colombian activism in Cannes

Protests in Cuba and Tilda Swinton with the Colombian flag
The week ends and because it is Friday we bring you our summary of the most relevant news of the week. Bolsonaro at the clinic, tension in Cuba, new Formula 1…

Why do Colombian cyclists Dominate the Mountain Stages?

Nairo quintana
Colombian cyclists have left their mark in the history of international cycling for their ability to climb. Why do they stand out in the mountain stages?

The Independence of Colombia Was Forged by Women: Enrique Santos Molano

When you think about the heroines of Independence, names like Manuela Beltrán, Policarpa Salavarrieta, Antonia Santos, among others, come to mind, but the…

Colombia: How Different Is The New Tax Reform From The Previous One?

President of Colombia, Iván Duque
Details have already been released that show the substantial difference between this project and the one presented in April, which was overthrown at the height…

Opinion: It's Time To Change Colombia's National Anthem

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Colombia
Supporters Of This Idea Argue That the Lyrics Do Not Represent Colombians As a Nation

Valle Del Cocora, Colombian Location for Disney Movie Encanto

Encanto tells the story of a unique family who lives in a house full of magic, situated in the glorious place in the mountains of Colombia. But what exact…

Why is the Condor of the Andes in Danger of Extinction?

Condor of the Andes
The Andean Condor is at risk of disappearing. What threatens its existence?

Opinion: Life Sentence is a Populist Measure

Hands of a prisoner in some bars
Colombia passes the life sentence for murderers and rapists of minors. The approval of the Constitutional Court remains to be defined
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