How will the increased printing of dollars affect Latin America?

100 dollar bills
The US economy always has effects on Latin America

Win Sports was the Grinch of Colombian soccer this Christmas

América de Cali players during the BetPlay League final
The network flatly refused to broadcast the Betplay League final live

Colombia: how do you try to regulate cocaine?

Person in a space with coca leaf
Iván Marulanda, senator and presidential candidate, proposes a law that seeks to regulate the Coca leaf and its derivatives

Interview: Huem Otero, Vienna's first Latin councilor

Huem Otero
The Colombian was appointed this year to the Vienna council for the Green Party

The environment this week: Chile, Toyota and the European Climate Law

Power source
Chile made progress on environmental commitments in 2020, Toyota presents the 2020 North American environmental report and much more

Iván Marulanda: Colombia must restore relations with Maduro

Ivan Marulanda, Colombian Senator
Latin American Post spoke with the Colombian senator who aspires to the presidency in 2022

The structural problem of pensions in LatinAmerica

Older man walking down a street
Low pensions in Latin America are a problem that no government has been able to solve

South America moves away from political extremes

People walking through the streets of Lima, Peru
The election results in Brazil (2020), Uruguay and Colombia (2019) show a rejection of the right and left parties

These are the most popular Colombian clubs in social networks

Computer screen with the twitter profile of 'América de Cali'
These are the most popular football clubs in the coffee country

How have other Latinamerican countries handled natural disasters?

View of a hurricane passing by an island
Faced with the devastation caused by the San Andrés y Providencia hurricane, we investigated other cases about how governments attempt to rebuild from…

What will change with Biden in cultural terms?

Joe Biden in a campaign speech
The democrat's mandate will imply a political but also social turn that could affect Latin America
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