Charité Experts Support Colombian SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Efforts

A member of Prof. Jan Felix Drexler's team demonstrates how to perform a rapid antigen tes
Scientists aim to gain better insight into infection levels among refugees and migrants

These are the Latin Countries More Demanding with Piracy

Pirate dvd comes out
Distributors of pirated content and products continue to find a way to maintain the piracy industry

Invisible Female Quota in the Next Presidential Elections in Colombia

With more than 40 pre-candidates, the Colombian presidential race is showing an obvious division within the country. Still, there are only two women still…

Cecilia Porras Takes Colombian Academic Mission to Expo Dubai 2020

In December 2021, Cecilia Porras, president of the Colombian Arab Chamber of Commerce, led the Colombian academic mission that represented this country at The…

Events that will be news in 2022 in Latin America

Voting ballot box
The arrival of Gabriel Boric to power in Chile only serves as the eve of a tight electoral calendar that is coming up for next year. These are the events that…

Latin America in Short: Ómicron Arrives in Colombia and Deportivo Cali Goes Champion

Vaccines and emblem of the sportive Cali
Ómicron arrives in Colombia and with this fear grows for the new variant. Israel is already on the fourth dose of the vaccine and the climate in Europe is one…

Latin America in Short: Terrorist Attack in Colombia and Omicron Variant Expands

Attack in Cúcuta and image of the virus
This week terrorist attack in Colombia leaves three dead. On the other hand, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus continues to spread. These and other news…
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