What you need to know about Miss Universe coronation

Dec 09, 2019 Hobbies
Zozibini Tunzi, new Miss Universe.
We bring you some of the events that stood out most during the Miss Universe reign last Sunday

Senator slaps reality and government in Colombia

Dec 06, 2019 Latam
Ivan Marulanda
Senator Iván Marulanda gave a strong speech against the 'Economic Growth Law' that was passed on December 3 in the first debate in Congress.

The Colombian government's responses to the National Strike

Dec 06, 2019 Latam
LatinamericanPost News
Many have criticized the attitude of President Iván Duque before the requests in the National strike, because they consider that the government has been 'deaf'…

How is the new Pablo Escobar's smartphone?

Dec 06, 2019 Technology
Folding cell in honor of Pablo Escobar.
The brother of the Colombian drug trafficker launched a folding smartphone in honor of Pablo Escobar .

How far does the power of the Public Force can go?

Dec 05, 2019 Latam
Police force present during a day of protests.
The death of protesters in Colombia and Chile by attacks by the Public Force has sparked a debate about the scope and protocols of these squadrons.

J Balvin and the national strike

Dec 02, 2019 Music
J Balvin during his concert in Medellín
The reggaeton singer has confused his audience with his statements about the Colombian national strike and his fans have demanded answers

La Reina del Flow wins the first Emmy for Colombia

Nov 28, 2019 Movies
LatinamericanPost News
The Colombian soap opera stood out at the International Emmy ceremony, which rewards television outside the United States

Friendly fire in the Colombian government

Nov 28, 2019 Latam
Fernando Londoño Hoyos, considered a 'thoroughbred' uribist, said the president should take a license and let Vice President Martha Lucía Ramírez rule

Colombia: Accessing higher education is not an easy task for deaf people

Nov 27, 2019 Others
Students attending a university class.
The inclusion as a guarantee of fundamental rights of the deaf population in Colombia is nothing more than a utopia for the majority.

Colombia: the National Strike continues and the pans will not stop ringing

Nov 26, 2019 Latam
Marches of different sectors in Bogotá, Colombia.
'Why are they killing us? We are the hope of Latin America', the young people shout after the death of student Dilan Cruz in the framework of the National…

This is how four Latin American presidents reacted to the protests

Nov 26, 2019 Latam
Sebastián Piñera, Chilean president and Iván Duque, Colombian president.
Each of these leaders has had a different reaction to the social demands of their countries.

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has resigned after not having reached an agreement for the Brexit

Theresa May resigns her position

Through tears, Theresa May has announced that she will resign after the crisis of the last year of the Brexit. Since 2016, after the popular referendum and since May became prime minister, the exit of the European Union was one of its main projects.

Leer en español: Theresa May renuncia a su cargo

" I feel as certain today as I did 3 years ago, that in a democracy if you give people a choice is your duty to implement what they decide. I have done my best to do that. I negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our neighbors that protects jobs, our security, and our union (...) It is now clear to me that it is on the best interest of the country for a new Prime Minister to lead that effort", were some of May's words in her public announcement.

Also read 'Change UK': the anti Brexit party

The leader of the British Conservative Party affirmed that from the next week the efforts will be arranged in choosing the best option to occupy the position. Meanwhile, she will remain in office to support Her Majesty in whatever she needs until the decision is made.

Although at first it was the same population that voted to approve the Brexit, May did not find it easy to fight in parliament to achieve it. For months, the date was postponed after reaching no agreement. The discussion was between leaving with or without agreement of the European Union, or, in the last case, not leaving. All this was so that the United Kingdom could leave the European Union on good terms with it and the economic and political relations would benefit both parties. While Theresa May tried to make the exit with an agreement, trying that this was achieved before the parliamentary elections of the EU (which will be on Sunday May 26), the opposition asked for her resignation.

While one might think that Brexit's political drama has come to an end, this resignation unleashes even more uncertainty about what will happen. According to experts, this would mean more possibilities for the Brexit to be carried out without an agreement, which would bring the worst possible consequences. El Clarín published the words of Sarah Carlson, an analyst at Moody's: "the resignation of the Prime Minister also increases the risk of a Brexit without an agreement, which would have significant negative effects on the sovereign note of the United Kingdom and a number of other issuers".

The same means, in the words of analyst Ranko Berich of Monex Europe, ensures that it is possible that as a result of this resignation, the political debate will focus on a battle for succession, "so it is probably mandatory for those who aspire to replace it, demonstrate the will to complete an exit without agreement".

On the other hand, the detractors of May, who repeatedly requested her resignation and those who have fought the most because the Brexit was not carried out, did not delay in expressing themselves about it. Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labor Party posted on Twitter that May had done the right thing by resigning, because "she cannot govern. Neither her nor her divided and disintegrated party. "

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Suárez
Translated from "Theresa May renuncia a su cargo"

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