The good, the bad and the ugly of the Latin Grammy

Nov 15, 2019 Music
Juanes after the Person of the Year ceremony at the Latin Grammy, and Mon Laferte on the red carpet.
The 20th edition of the Latin Grammy left several scenes that are worth analyzing.

We are so 'warm' that we melt the glaciers

Nov 14, 2019 Environment
LatinamericanPost News
The loss of the functioning of these ecosystems is a catastrophe in terms of public health, economy and the entire quality of life of Latin Americans.

These are the properties of El Chapo that were auctioned

Nov 13, 2019 Latam
Chapo Guzmán property auction.
These are the 3 houses of Chapo Guzmán that the Mexican government sold for $ 4.3 million pesos .

What you should know about the resignation of the Colombian Minister of Defense

Nov 07, 2019 Latam
Guillermo Botero, former Colombian defense minister.
In just one year, Minister Guillermo Botero went through the second motion of censure in Congress where several parties sought his resignation

In Colombia, women are the best peacebuilders

Nov 07, 2019 Wellness
Cleiner Almanza, leader of the Woman Corporation Follow my Steps.
Cleiner Almanza, leader of Corporación Mujer Sigue Mis Pasos, told us how women in Colombia have been responsible for building peace among themselves.

Former Minister of Justice in Colombia with judicial problems

Nov 05, 2019 Latam
LatinamericanPost News
Fernando Londoño Hoyos must return the 145 million shares of the Invercolsa company, which he acquired irregularly 20 years ago .

Talk, Tell & Post: the bilingual education revolution

Nov 01, 2019 Education
Talk, Tell, Post logo and books on a desk.
Everything you need to know about the innovative, transformative and inclusive program of teacher training and student learning through storytelling .

Cannabis export process in Colombia is ‘Locked’

Nov 01, 2019 Trade
Ground cannabis in a transparent plastic bag
Colombia has estimated that exports of products processed from cannabis can rise up to 6,000 million dollars annually.

Where is the quality of life for young people?

Nov 01, 2019 Others
LatinamericanPost News
That impoverished mentality that tells us that winning the exact thing for the needs or sometimes less, is still perpetuating, is fine

Quiz: How much do you know about Colombia?

Oct 31, 2019 Hobbies
LatinamericanPost News
With this quiz you can test your knowledge about the coffee country

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Yesterday in the afternoon, a bomb exploded in the center of Lyon, France, leaving thirteen wounded. At the moment there are no fatalities

Attack in Lyon leaves 13 injured

In Lyon, a large city in eastern France, a bomb detonated at 5:30 pm local time on a busy and commercial pedestrian street, more precisely in a bakery called Brioche Dorée. Although the attack has not yet been classified as terrorism, President Emmanuel Macron, according to statements collected by El País, described the incident as "an attack." Among the injured is an eight-year-old girl. Apparently, the wounded are not of mortal gravity. At the moment, the ideological or religious cut of the author of the attack is unknown, although personal or social motivations are not ruled out.

Leer en español: Atentado en Lyon deja 13 heridos

The suspect, who has not yet been apprehended or identified at all, is an adult man who circulated the area with his face tightly covered so as not to be recognized by the cameras. The French government has revealed photos of the aforementioned, although it has a black cap and sunglasses, so identifying it has not been easy. However, with the collection of the different surveillance cameras in the sector, the authorities in charge are plotting the path of the criminal to locate it. The anti-terrorist section of the French prosecutor's office has assumed the investigation, although, as we mentioned above, there is still no mention of a terrorist attack. "It's too early to qualify as a terrorist act," Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet told BFM-TV. As far as is known, the pump was rudimentary, artisanal, although the screws and other material inside, used as shrapnel, had the potential to cause severe damage, according to La Vanguardia.

The Prefecture, the government delegation, ensures that the situation is under control and that finding the person responsible for this unfortunate act will not be a difficult task because of how vigilant the area was. The site of the attack is reserved for the relevant authorities and a security cord has already been established. The government asks the citizens not to go near the site so as not to interfere with the investigations, more exactly between Victor Hugo Street and Sala, quite close to Bellecour Square, known as the heart of the city. This area is heavily frequented by tourists and the locals, especially on a Friday afternoon.

The attack occurs within the framework of the closing of the electoral campaigns, just minutes before President Emmanuel Macron I was interviewed on the YouTube platform. The head of state made the statements condemning the attack and describing it as "an attack" on Facebook. For its part, the French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, has canceled his participation in the last meeting of the majority for Europeans. Although it is not yet officially treated as a terrorist attack, some political actors did not wait to qualify as such, as did the former presidential candidate and current president of the political party National Grouping. In his account of Twitter wrote: "I give my full support to the injured in the explosion in Lyon, will have to shed light on the circumstances of this terrorist attack."

LatinAmerican Post | Pedro Vergara

Translated from "Atentado en Lyon deja 13 heridos"

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