Visit these 5 world heritage towns in Latin America

Oct 11, 2019 Travel
San Salvador de Bahia - Brazil and Historic City of Guanajuato - Mexico
Latin America is full of magical places that can make your travels a unique experience. Get to know these villages and fall in love with the region.

Colombia: Why is Alberto Carrasquilla Minister of Environment Ad Hoc?

Oct 11, 2019 Environment
Alberto Carrasquilla
Alberto Carrasquilla, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, has been appointed as Minister of Environment Ad Hoc. Here we tell you why .

'Restaurante Interno': a second opportunity for inmates

Oct 08, 2019 Latam
The San Diego women's prison in Cartagena becomes every night, a cooking workshop open to the public.

Delcy Rodríguez also presented false news at the UN

Oct 04, 2019 Latam
Delcy Rodríguez, Vice President of Venezuela.
In recent days, President Iván Duque delivered a dossier with fake photographs. What did the Venezuelan vice president present?

This is what the World Avocado Congress left

Sep 30, 2019 Trade
Avocado World Congress in Medellin.
The most important event of this growing industry ended in Medellin after 5 days full of knowledge, conferences and a lot of innovation.

Soccer and drug trafficking: the case of Jhon Viafara and 5 other players

Sep 30, 2019 Sports
Transfer of former soccer player, Jhon Viáfara.
While some prefer to retire and take full advantage of the name they created during their career, others instead are influenced by ties to drug trafficking

Iván Duque's mistakes before the UN

Sep 29, 2019 Latam
President of Colombia, Ivan Duque presenting evidence to the UN about Venezuela.
The president of Colombia went badly before the UN when different medias said the images shared in his dossier were false.

League of Legends: perspective of someone who lived it for the first time

Sep 27, 2019 Sports
This is a chronicle from the look of a person who has never played or knows in depth this eSport, which is growing worldwide

Is the world approaching the legalization of euthanasia?

Sep 27, 2019 Latam
Person filling a syringe with medication.
Most countries in the world do not yet approach a discussion about euthanasia.

Duque vs. Maduro: the UN received evidence against the Venezuelan president

Sep 25, 2019 Latam
President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during an interview at the Miraflores Palace.
“We deliver to the UN evidence of complicity of Nicolás Maduro with terrorists that attempt against the Colombian people,” Iván Duque

Can the UN condemn Juan Guaidó?

Sep 24, 2019 Latam
The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela and the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó
Vice President Delcy Rodríguez said she will denounce Guiadó to the UN for the photographs in which he poses with leaders of 'Los Rastrojos'

Recent reports suggest that dissident members of Colombia's main guerrilla group have begun forming new criminal structures in Ecuador, raising the possibility that others could follow in their footsteps as the group's leadership finalizes a peace deal with the Colombian government.

Residents and officials in the department of Sucumbíos on Ecuador's eastern border with Colombia have been warning about the rise of new armed groups in that area, possibly consisting of defectors from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia - FARC).

On August 9, the Ecuadoran news outlet El Comercio published an article based on an interview with a Sucumbíos resident referred to as Víctor M., who said he was kidnapped in late June and held by one such group for 20 days.

According to El Comercio, shortly after Víctor's release police arrested nine suspects in the kidnapping, seven of whom were Colombian citizens. The news outlet reported that local military intelligence officials confirmed that FARC defectors were among the group's members.

The July 29 bombing of a store in the town of Puerto El Carmen de Putumayo also rattled local residents, although no one was injured in the attack. The shop owner told El Universal that the bombing was a reprisal for refusing to pay extortion fees to an armed group calling themselves "M.R.A. Comuneros del Ecuador."

El Universal reports that local residents have observed the presence of FARC members in that area for years, but never before had they experienced attacks like the recent bombing.

Our Analysis
These preliminary reports suggest that FARC members in western Colombia could be abandoning the guerrilla group to pursue illegal activities that fighters would be expected to give up in the event of a peace agreement with the Colombian government. Members of at least one FARC faction -- the 1st Front of the Eastern Bloc -- have openly stated that they would not go along with the peace process. And based on extensive field research, InSight Crime estimates that up to 30 percent of the FARC's fighters could defect from a possible accord.

Eastern Ecuador is an attractive location for would-be criminal defectors, as the FARC has long been involved in coca production in that area, selling the yield to Colombian criminal groups known as "bandas criminales," or BACRIM, or even Mexican groups like the Sinaloa Cartel. The Ecuadoran government has previously expressed concern that the peace agreement could lead to a proliferation of criminal activity in that country by dissenting FARC members, leading authorities there to ramp up security operations in border areas in recent months.

Insight Crime |by Mike LaSusa

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