These are the most expensive teams from the Copa América

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Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia have the most expensive teams of the Copa América, which will begin on June 14

These are the most expensive teams from the Copa América

It is a year of Copa America and the world of football turns to look at one of the most important events of this sport, where the magic of the stars that shine in Europe meet in South America to look for the best-selected continent team. As most of the players who dazzle the Europeans with their feints and goals come from this part of the globe, it is not unreasonable to find the best valued of FIFA, although there are also the most devalued.

Brazil, the host who is located in the third box of the Fifa ranking, will have the most expensive payroll of the event with 970 million euros, without counting Neymar, as he was not called for the recent friendly date. As if to reference the voluminous Brazilian figure, with this amount, Sweden relocated the 18,000 inhabitants of Kurina, a city that was built on the largest iron mine in Europe.

The other 'face of the coin' is the Bolivian price with its limited formation, which barely reaches 1.7 million euros and will hit the five-time world champion in Group A, which is complemented by Peru, with a list of athletes guaranteed at 40 million. On the other hand, there is also Venezuela, which has gained more weight in football, with 57 million euros.

The quadrangular B will be the most 'expensive' of the first phase, with a value that exceeds 1,200 million euros, led by Argentina, with a payroll valued at 704 million euros. This amount is enough to pay the shield that Real Madrid has for Isco, who signed with the team until 2020, or to buy the personal collection of 240 paintings of art belonging to Baroness Carmen Thyssen.

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The second most expensive payroll of the group will be Colombia, with a figure that borders the 316 million euros, followed by Paraguay (102 million) and the unknown, but no less expensive of the championship, Qatar, which reaches 7.7 million euros, same money that Lionel Messi paid for his mansion in the prestigious Castelldefels neighborhood, in Barcelona.

For group C, Uruguay leads the podium of the most expensive teams, with a payroll of around 484 million. Then comes the two-time champion of America and defender of the title, Chile, whose summoned are valued at 109 million euros, while in the third place, is Japan, with 84 million. In the fourth box is the renewed Ecuador, with a total cost of 41 million.

The most expensive players

Although Neymar will not be on the Fifa date in March, he will be the most expensive player in the 'carioca' territory, with a value of 180 million euros, about 10 percent of the total cost of the event's template of Brazil.

The second most valued athlete of the event will be the five-time winner of the Golden Ball, Lionel Messi, which currently costs about 160 million euros. For its part, Uruguay will have in the rearguard its 'jewel' of the tournament, the defender José Giménez, who is worth about 70 million in the transfer market, above his compatriot Luis Suarez (60 million).

Meanwhile, Colombia will have in the midfield their most expensive player, James Rodriguez, who is valued at 65 million euros and was called by the Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, which will be his debut with the 'tricolor'.

For the sides of the double champion and who is in the process of replacement with the Colombian strategist Reinaldo Rueda, will have within their bastions Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal, valued at 45 and 18 million euros.


Group A

Brasil – 970 million euros

Perú – 40 million euros

Bolivia – 1.7 million euros

Venezuela – 57 million euros

Total: 1.068,7 million euros

Group B

Argentina – 704 million euros

Colombia – 316 million euros

Paraguay – 102 million euros

Qatar – 7.7 million euros

Total: 1.129,7 million euros

Group C

Uruguay – 484 million euros

Chile – 109 million euros

Japón – 84 million euros

Ecuador – 41 million euros

Total: 718 million euros

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Translated from "Estas son las nóminas más costosas de la Copa América"

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