Latin America celebrates Labor Day with high unemployment

Man with mask carrying a box
Latin America reached a historical record of 41 million unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Responsible Companies During the Pandemic

It is worth highlighting those companies that not only kept employees on the payroll but also for their leadership in social responsibility.

7 Latina leaders in the business world

Nina Vaca and
The fight for gender equality is being fought on several battle fronts, the business one aims to be one of the most difficult to defeat

The 5 Latin American countries with the most billionaires

Marcos Galperin and Iris Fontbona
The largest number of billionaires in the region reside in these Latin American countries

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama or The Lesson of Walking Through Thick and Thin

She felt the discrimination of her friends who made fun of her because she smelled of gasoline and diesel, not perfume.

How will the increased printing of dollars affect Latin America?

100 dollar bills
The US economy always has effects on Latin America

The structural problem of pensions in LatinAmerica

Older man walking down a street
Low pensions in Latin America are a problem that no government has been able to solve

Resilient businesswomen: Luz Marina Jaramillo, Pavimentos Colombia

Luz Marina Jaramillo, President of Pavimentos Colombia
Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the crisis

Resilient companies: Sylvia Escovar, president of Terpel Colombia

Sylvia Escovar, President of Terpel
Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the pandemic crisis

Gender financial bonds to support women

Woman counting money
This is the female empowerment strategy supported by the financial sector amid the global crisis

What will the economic recovery be like in Latin America?

Woman walking down a street wearing mask
The region must adapt to the global situation and start a plan that does not affect the health and economic future of citizens

Lulo Bank arrives to Colombia

Woman conducting banking operations on a laptop.
The entity promises to be a 100% digital bank without physical offices. Here we tell you what you should know about the neobank.
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