The Rainbow March for the Defense of the Rights of the LGBTQI+ Community

On the 4th of July, the LGBTQIA + pride march was held in Bogotá, Colombia. In a musical atmosphere of dance and colors, the emblematic Carrera Séptima avenue…

Latin America: cities for entrepreneurs

Woman in a business room
Meet the entrepreneurial cities that are poised for expansion, thanks to their growing technological and logistical ecosystems, as well as growing economic…

Colombia Will Implement Blockchain Towards the Oil and Gas Sector

The National Agency of Hydrocarbons informed that it will continue implementing a blockchain solution in the process of area allocation for exploration and…

Latino Startups That Are Crushing It During the Pandemic

Creative group during a meeting
Despite the Several Crises That COVID-19 Has Caused These Latino Startups Have Found a Way To Endure

The price of the social movement in the markets

Protesters at the national strike marches in Colombia
The international financial system is concerned about the political instability in the region, just for a post-pandemic era in which investment is needed

Colombians Highlighted Among the Spanish Ranking of 100 Leading Women

The ranking of the top 100 Women Leaders in Spain, celebrated its ninth edition in a dynamic gala, organized by the Digital Magazine Mujeres & Cia.

Latin America celebrates Labor Day with high unemployment

Man with mask carrying a box
Latin America reached a historical record of 41 million unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Responsible Companies During the Pandemic

It is worth highlighting those companies that not only kept employees on the payroll but also for their leadership in social responsibility.

7 Latina leaders in the business world

Nina Vaca and
The fight for gender equality is being fought on several battle fronts, the business one aims to be one of the most difficult to defeat

The 5 Latin American countries with the most billionaires

Marcos Galperin and Iris Fontbona
The largest number of billionaires in the region reside in these Latin American countries

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama or The Lesson of Walking Through Thick and Thin

She felt the discrimination of her friends who made fun of her because she smelled of gasoline and diesel, not perfume.
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