When managing a company, less is more

Nov 07, 2019 Business
Man raising right hand.
This study is the first to identify universal strategies for large companies to follow to maximize their sales and market share.

Study finds companies may be wise to share cybersecurity efforts

Oct 30, 2019 Business
Man doing a computer backup.
Companies that are open about their cybersecurity risk management fare significantly better than peers that don't disclose their cybersecurity efforts.

Why you should have a furnished office in a business center

Oct 17, 2019 Business
Here we tell you three reasons why you should not hesitate and rent a furnished office .

Round of tenders for oil exploitation off the Amazon coast in Brazil

Oct 11, 2019 Business
Pump installed in an oil drilling
In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the 16th bidding round was held in concession for the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

Gender discrimination holding women back in veterinary practice

Sep 17, 2019 Business
Veterinary doctor attending a dog.
Women face discrimination and occupy fewer places in the higher reaches of the veterinary profession, even as they begin to outnumber men in the field

Crisis-hit Boeing readies huge effort to return 737 MAX to the skies

Sep 13, 2019 Business
Boeing plane flying.
Engineers around the world are rolling out plans for one of the biggest logistical operations in civil aviation history

Car producers: It's time to reduce carbon dioxide emissions!

Sep 10, 2019 Business
Volkswagen car photo on the road
Between 2021 and 2030, carbon dioxide emissions should be reduced by 37.5%

This new cryptocurrency will be similar to Facebook's Libra

Sep 06, 2019 Business
Facebook cryptocurrency, Pound
The development of the coin would help protect the country's foreign exchange sovereignty as commercial applications of such currencies expanded

Location matters for home-based female entrepreneurs

Sep 05, 2019 Business
Apartment building
Study shows ground floor-based businesswomen doubled their income, narrowed the gender earnings gap by more than half

Friendships factor into start-up success (and failure)

Aug 30, 2019 Business
Two friends holding hands
Research finds friendship is a key factor to escalating commitment when entrepreneurial teams face financial pressure

An island without fish? Cuba aims to tackle problem with law overhaul

Aug 28, 2019 Business
Fisherman in a boat in the middle of a lake
In the sleepy Cuban fishing village of Cojimar that inspired Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea," locals say they are struggling to catch fish

Dolce & Gabbana sees sales slowdown in China after ad backlash

Aug 27, 2019 Business
Dolce u0026 Gabbana store entrance in Munich
Chinese customers account for more than a third of spending on luxury products worldwide

How NASA is becoming more business friendly

Aug 20, 2019 Business
Rocket launch into space by NASA
These are the steps being taken NASA to make it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to understand its needs and do business with it

Over-sensationalized scandal can actually be a job saver for strong performing leader

Aug 08, 2019 Business
Three people using smartphones
According to the researchers, "our central finding is that organizations are less likely to dismiss stronger-performing leaders when there is a high severity gap"
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