Multitasking in the workplace can lead to negative emotions

May 15, 2020 Business
Woman sitting in front of laptop.
Study finds constant email interruptions create sadness and fear

Achieving customer satisfaction: a must for internet and cable service providers

May 14, 2020 Business
Man talking on the phone and working at the office.
What do you do every time you experience choppy internet connection or gritty cable TV channels?

How to brand cultural products in overseas markets

May 04, 2020 Business
Movie posters in a room.
Good localization of movie titles is more important than you think

How to work from home during the quarantine

Apr 30, 2020 Business
Woman working from home.
Since the quarantine is in full effect, anyone who can is likely working from home

The 5 richest young people in the world

Apr 29, 2020 Business
Alexandra Andresen, Katharina Andresen, Kylie Jenner.
These people do not reach 30 years of age, however, their fortune goes over 10 digits.

Beyond encryption: Protecting consumer privacy while keeping survey results accurate

Apr 22, 2020 Business
Padlock and a pattern.
Despite encryption, personal data leaks are becoming a problem for several organizations.

The best global brands of Chinese origin

Apr 17, 2020 Business
Huawei President presents his P30 pro cell phone.
There are Asian brands that have stood out for their excellent performance and durability.

Latin Fortune: 7 Latin American billionaires on the Forbes list

Apr 17, 2020 Business
Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Juan Carlos Escotet and Carlos Slim.
We review the presence of each Latin American country in the Forbes list of "Real Time Billonaries", which includes 2,153 people

Coronavirus accelerated the E-Commerce ‘boom’

Apr 01, 2020 Business
Shopping cart next to a computer.
Trading over the Internet has become a 'lifesaver' so that companies do not end the pandemic in the red

How customers search for hedonic versus utilitarian purchases

Mar 31, 2020 Business
Friends out shopping together
A new paper in the Journal of Marketing examines information channel usage patterns across customer journeys.

Female directors are quicker to recall dangerous medical products

Mar 31, 2020 Business
Person holding medicines.
Severe product problems that injure or kill consumers are recalled much faster when there are women on the board

A lifesaving reason to have more women on boards

Mar 30, 2020 Business
Woman standing on the center table with four people on the side.
Having women on boards could prevent firms from making a fatal mistake sooner than men.

How to win more B2B contracts with effective e-sales

Mar 27, 2020 Business
Person using a laptop.
How to improve communications in order to provide sellers with insights into buyers' behavioral responses to salespersons' communications?

Study shows best practices to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020 Business
Man wearing a biological protection suit looking through a microscope.
Exactly zero Hong Kong healthcare workers contracted COVID-19 after six weeks of the outbreak.

Highlighting women's achievements makes them want to be the boss

Mar 18, 2020 Business
Two women talking.
Highlighting female achievements in the workplace makes capable women significantly more likely to want to be the boss, a study shows
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