9 awesome steps for selling your used car for cash

Woma selling a car
If you are looking to sell your car, you’re spoiled for choice these days with the internet at your disposal

What should students invest in to make money?

Woman counting money
If you decided to make your first steps into the world of investment, but don’t know where to start, explore the guide below and find the best ways to invest as a college student

The woman who said NO and saved thousands of lives

Frances Oldham Kelsey
The bold stand of a Canadian doctor in the mid-1900s saved thousands of lives and established a strong position in medicine.

What are the biggest investment opportunities in Latin America?

Two people shaking hands
Why is Latin America emerging as a profitable investment market?

The man who mistakenly lost millions of euros in bitcoins

Man holding a bitcoin coin.
Can you imagine losing millions due to carelessness with your computer? This happened to a Brit with bitcoins

Why does the pandemic affect the stock market?

Person with smartphone showing stock data.
The collapse of the stock markets and the rising price of the dollar triggered by the coronavirus are signs of an incoming recession

Blockchain: empowerment and opportunity

Blockchain and bitcoin symbols.
Mire Acosta and Mariangel García, representatives of Binance Latin America, spoke with The Woman Post about the enormous possibilities of blockchain.

Wall Street investors react to climate change

New York Times newspaper with stock data.
Climate change is being felt in a corner of the world different from where one might expect: Wall Street.

Fintech industry and culture change: what you need to know

Person using phone and laptop.
In an interview with The Woman Post, Cleiva Alves Aguilar talks about the importance and impact of the Fintech industry in the current market.

This is how you could become a Uruguayan citizen

Montevideo beach, Uruguay.
The elected president, Luis Lacalle Pou, will facilitate the entry of foreigners to increase the population

The environmental cost of cryptocurrency mines

Bitcoin and binary background.
Despite having no physical representation, could these new methods of exchange actually be negatively impacting our planet?

Why you must experience St. Barts Villas at least once in your lifetime

Hut near the beach
Planning your next vacation to St. Barts is much easier when you find a great place to stay.

Is it time to buy? Argentine shares at cheaper prices

Screen with currency exchange values in Argentina
Argentine stocks are attracting investors tempted by their low prices, despite uncertainty about the progress of the economy

Facebook's cryptocurriencies stumbles in front of the congress

A screen the reads
Legislators expressed serious concerns about Libra, the cryptocurrency that will be the basis of Facebook's financial services

Want to invest responsibly? A new breed of stock exchange aims to help

bolsa de inversión
A new breed of market is springing up from Scotland to India to help people identify investment opportunities
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