Increasing Women's Participation in Cryptocurrencies

Woman holding a bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world in recent years. Why can this be a great opportunity for women to invest in them?

Latin America: cities for entrepreneurs

Woman in a business room
Meet the entrepreneurial cities that are poised for expansion, thanks to their growing technological and logistical ecosystems, as well as growing economic prosperity

What You Need to Know About Forex Trading in 2021

Laptop with trading data
The global pandemic has brought Forex into the spotlight once again. Millions of people are making money online by buying and selling world currencies

These are the Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest in

If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, you may be interested in knowing some alternatives to Bitcoin or Ethereum. These are the brighter future

The Latin American countries that bet the most on cryptocurrencies

Person who trades with the cryptocurrency bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies are a technological and economic revolution that brought the concept of blockchain to the world

Latino Startups That Are Crushing It During the Pandemic

Creative group during a meeting
Despite the Several Crises That COVID-19 Has Caused These Latino Startups Have Found a Way To Endure

How Much Do Top Religious Leaders Earn?

Pope Francisco
Religious leaders not only represent some of the most numerous beliefs, but they also tend to manage large amounts of money

The price of the social movement in the markets

Protesters at the national strike marches in Colombia
The international financial system is concerned about the political instability in the region, just for a post-pandemic era in which investment is needed

Argentina: IMF debated interest rate revision

Cell with statistics information
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a great interest in evaluating the loan rates charged by the agency, after Argentina asked to examine them and the ups and downs in economic…

Why did some oil companies register profits in the middle of 2020?

Hydrocarbon extraction machinery
Confinement exponentially reduced fuel use during the pandemic, which in turn impacted oil production. Some managed to get through the difficult year

What changes in the world with a more consolidated Bitcoin?

Bitcoin coins
Visionary and billionaire Elon Musk has set off a huge trend with his announcement to invest in bitcoins, which are trading at about $ 46,000

Opinion: United against "tax evasion" youtuber

Rubius, Spanish youtuber
The recent controversy over famous Spanish streamers living in Andorra opens a new debate

Who is the new richest man in the world?

Elon musk
The figure of Elon Musk generated curiosity long before he was classified as the richest person on the planet

Dezvoltare Management and Consulting

Javier Ospina Baraya
The return to Colombia of “Javier Ospina Baraya” successful real estate consultancy, number 1 of the Eastern Europe

A great year is coming for Esports in Latin America

Person sitting on a chair playing a video game
It is estimated that by 2022 Latin America will have 70 million Esports fans
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