Sorority Opens Real Economic Growth

Women laughing together
The support and backing of a large group of women is the key to closing the gaps and the success of the female gender.

Tips From a Billionaire To Enjoy Wealth Sooner

Millionaire woman
Lewis Howes sat down with Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio to discover the secret to becoming wealthy at a reasonable age.

Tips for Generating Income With Your Blog

Person writting on a blog
Learning to monetize your blog is not as hard as you might think. Here are some valuable tips to make a passive income blog.

Undisputed Courage and Resilience of Women in Automotive Industry

Woman mechanic
This time we will talk about women in the automotive industry and publicize their initiatives and projects that make a difference.

The Phenomenon of Mass Resignations

Woman packing her stuff in a box
Now that the pandemic is ending, reports of people abandoning their jobs are going up. Why is this new phenomenon happening?

The Figures in Latam and the Caribbean on Gender Equality Show Progress?

Woman using a laptop
Workplace gender equality is important not just to achieve justice but because it has been associated with the overall economic performance of countries.

Connectivity: A New Economic and Educational Opportunity for Women

Young african woman selling in a local african market holding a mobile
The female gender has a new economic power: Access to the internet. Public and private entities seek to reduce the gender digital divide with initiatives that allow women to develop in…

Female Employment in the Post-COVID Era

Group of woman talking in a table
The advances of the violet economy and the promotion of equal opportunities for women and men guarantee social protection.

Work on Your Dreams Mastering Financial Stability

Woman holding a wallet
Financial stability isn't just to endure without change but to endure by being adaptive. Your budget is essentially your roadmap to your goals.

Want To Retain Female Talent? Must Offer Innovative Opportunities

Young woman in a job interview
The impact of the COVID-19 health crisis seriously threatens the progress society has made on behalf of women.

Acting on Gender Equality Is No Longer Waiting

Woman working from home
The world made excellent advances in technology, but there's a she-cession on the subject of gender equality what happened?

Women Leaders of Successful Financial Companies

Abigail Johnson, Ana Botín and Jane Fraser
We tell you who are the most prominent women in companies around the world in the financial sector.

Digital Divide: A Phenomenon Shared by Some Countries of the World

Woman using a laptop
Several analyses prove that there is a fissure in the internet service and that an investment is required to close it, but how much is it?

Facial Masks and Their Impact on the Lipstick Market

Woman applying lipstick on her lips
Cosmetic sales have dropped as consumer demands have shifted. While hygiene products are experiencing spiked levels, lipsticks sales are going down.
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