Work on Your Dreams Mastering Financial Stability

Woman holding a wallet
Financial stability isn't just to endure without change but to endure by being adaptive. Your budget is essentially your roadmap to your goals.

Want To Retain Female Talent? Must Offer Innovative Opportunities

Young woman in a job interview
The impact of the COVID-19 health crisis seriously threatens the progress society has made on behalf of women.

Acting on Gender Equality Is No Longer Waiting

Woman working from home
The world made excellent advances in technology, but there's a she-cession on the subject of gender equality what happened?

Women Leaders of Successful Financial Companies

Abigail Johnson, Ana Botín and Jane Fraser
We tell you who are the most prominent women in companies around the world in the financial sector.

Digital Divide: A Phenomenon Shared by Some Countries of the World

Woman using a laptop
Several analyses prove that there is a fissure in the internet service and that an investment is required to close it, but how much is it?

Facial Masks and Their Impact on the Lipstick Market

Woman applying lipstick on her lips
Cosmetic sales have dropped as consumer demands have shifted. While hygiene products are experiencing spiked levels, lipsticks sales are going down.

Thinking About Having a Savings Plan?

Person filling a pigbank with coins
The most prosperous societies are those in which people make large savings since these savings translate into a productive investment that impacts the real economy.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted the Creative Industries?

Theater group
Cultural and Creative Industries were one of the most affected during the 2020 crisis, as these have activities that depend mainly on physical contact.

Pandemic and Women's Finances in Latin America and the Caribbean

Woman in a job interview
A recent report by ECLAC remarks that the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has produced a negative impact on the work opportunities and labor conditions for women in Latin…

What Is the Key To Keep Your Best Employees?

Three people high-fiving each other.
If you genuinely want to become a better leader for your company, fostering a culture of open communication is vital to develop great relationships with employees.

Has Artificial Intelligence Created Income Inequality?

Robot hand and a person hand
The challenge of artificial intelligence is to measure efficiency in order to drive automation.

Sandra Rubio, the Entrepreneur Who Made Banking Available to Everyone

Sandra Rubio,
The creator of IMIX likes to run, meditate, weave mandalas, read and listen to podcasts. She believes in feminine power and recommends that those of her gender learn to know, value, take…

What Should You Negotiate Besides Salary?

Two woman having a conversation
Once you have received a job offer, you might be wondering whether you should negotiate or not. You should always think about the key aspects to negotiate, according to your plans and…

Colombia Will Implement Blockchain Towards the Oil and Gas Sector

Cryptocurrency coins
The National Agency of Hydrocarbons informed that it will continue implementing a blockchain solution in the process of area allocation for exploration and production of oil and gas.
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