What are FinCEN Files and why is their leak outrageous?

Documents in folders
The secret documents that put different entities of big banks in check could reveal some clues about Latin American corruption

Latin American fiscal stimuli: necessary in times of pandemic?

Colombian banknotes
The pandemic fueled the gap in social inequalities, accentuating the decline of the Latin American economy

What is the "cepo al dólar"?

Hand holding dollars
It is a fairly popular economic policy in Latin America, but many people do not know what it consists of

COVID-19 vaccine nationalism could cost world up to $1.2 trillion: New RAND Europe study

Doctor holding a vaccine with syringe
Study shows global access to COVID-19 vaccines is best for world's health and wealth

The elderly are taking increasingly precarious jobs

Senior adult holding a shoe
The world economy is going through a major change, let's see how it affects the new jobs for seniors

A circular economy could save the world's economy post-COVID-19

Person holding banknotes
A more sustainable model based on circular economy framework could help the world recover financially from COVID-19

The problem of tax evasion in Latin America

Calculator on sheets of paper
Economic problems are intensifying in Latin America due to the coronavirus, but tax evasion remains structural

Petrobras expects to maintain its production levels in Brazil

Oil extraction machinery
The Brazilian company decided to maintain its goal of producing an average of 2.7 million barrels of oil and natural gas by the end of 2020

An economic retrospective of the last years in Latam

Merchandise in port
International organizations such as the World Bank and ECLAC trust a recovery by 2021

3 myths about the middle class in Latin America

View of ruins in the San Bernardo neighborhood in Bogotá
Social classes have always been marked by prejudices and in some countries there are misconceptions about the middle class

What is the Cuban economic situation during the pandemic?

View of a busy street in Havana, Cuba
The pandemic caused many unexpected changes in Cuban territory. How is the crisis affecting the economic and humanitarian situation?

Post-pandemic Latin America: the challenges for the region

Woman wearing a mask and latex gloves
Once the contingency generated by Covid-19 passes, Latin America will have the challenge of overcoming its economic and social problems

Gender financial bonds to support women

Woman counting money
This is the female empowerment strategy supported by the financial sector amid the global crisis

Latin American countries with the highest economic growth in 2020

Machinery in a production plant
Despite everything, in 2020 Latin American countries are expected to have a slight economic growth of 1.8%

What will the economic recovery be like in Latin America?

Woman walking down a street wearing mask
The region must adapt to the global situation and start a plan that does not affect the health and economic future of citizens
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