Does Experiential Consumption Bring More Happiness Than Material Goods?

Two woman at a coffee shop
In the year 1974 Easterlin made the ambiguous observation that income and wellbeing are correlated at a given point in time but happiness does not increase with income over longer periods.

The Female Participation in the Labor Force

Dad and mom with their child
In the families of the future, man has gradually assumed the role of women.

The Influence of Your Generation in the Digital World

Young people with smartphones
The Internet has been one of the most transformative innovations in the modern world, allowing profound changes in society.

Melinda Gates, and the Awards Obtained for Her Life Dedicated to Philanthropy

Melinda gates
Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce has been a big controversy, what the distribution of their assets and money will be like.

Latin America celebrates Labor Day with high unemployment

Man with mask carrying a box
Latin America reached a historical record of 41 million unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo, the Youngest Minister in Botswana

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo
Bogolo Joy Kenewendo is an inspirational and trailblazing African Economist, ALU Expert In Residence, and former Botswana's Minister of Investment & Trade.

Pink Tax: The Cost Overrun on Products Marketed to Women

Tampons and a pad
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between products that are advertised differently for women and for men?

Women Running the Green-Digital Economy

Avril haines
Women are occupying the jobs that control the world's largest economy.

Latin America in debt: pending accounts

Family walking down the street wearing face masks
Past unpaid bills and the health crisis have the economies of the countries in the region in trouble

How Is the World Going on Pay Equity?

Woman and man looking each other
The law of equal pay will lead companies to register their wages and ensure equality.

Female Perspective in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Woman holding a bitcoin
While the investment world seems to be dominated by men, women can have a great advantage in achieving financial independence.

How will Latino governments get out of the post-covid economic crisis?

Man sitting on coins
The economic crisis resulting from the pandemic must be attacked by governments with economic reforms

Is the Global Gender Gap Closing?

Man and woman at an office
Every year, the World Economic Forum publishes the Global Gender Gap Report, which examines the disparities in Economic Participation.

Companies Committed to Equal Pay Between Genders

Woman sitting in front of computer
The gender wage gap is a reality that cannot be denied.

Why Ethereum could be the "Bitcoin of the future"?

Currency 'Etherium'
In times where Bitcoin is positioned as the most important digital asset in the world, it is convenient to start knowing its main alternative
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