Human Rights Archives Have a Female Face in Latin America

Ivonne Suarez Pinzon
The Woman Post spoke with Ivonne Suárez Pinzón, the director of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) in Colombia, who highlights the work of millions of women in the pursuit of human…

Women Leading 2023 According to Time Magazine

Makiko Ono, Olena Olehivna Shevchenko, Angela Basset
Time magazine has announced the twelve women who, due to their valuable trajectories and global impact, deserve the recognition given annually this Women's Month

Women Who Have Made Valuable Contributions to Our Lives

Mary Kenneth Keller, Margaret Hamilton, Evelyn Berezin, Erna Schneider Hoover
On March 8, World Women's Day is commemorated, it is not celebrated, because it arises from a tragic and transcendental event that occurred in 1911

Don't Judge a Fish by Its Ability To Climb a Tree

Person cutting a fish print in paper
Society has taught us to measure intelligence based on specific skills.

The Rainbow March for the Defense of the Rights of the LGBTQI+ Community

Members of the LGTB community
On the 4th of July, the LGBTQIA + pride march was held in Bogotá, Colombia. In a musical atmosphere of dance and colors, the emblematic Carrera Séptima avenue was filled with glitter and…

Incels, New Social Threat

Person walking along corridors
They are men who never have sex. Not because they ditch them.

Should Toys Be Gender Neutral?

Girl in red dress playing with wooden blocks
Nowadays, you can't walk into a kids' store without seeing a clear divide: boys' stuff is blue, and girls' stuff is pink.

Unsafe sex: Argentina crisis deflates condom sales as costs rise

Person keeping a condom in a pocket.
In South America's capital of romance, Argentine lovers are cutting back on one important cost: contraception.

Coworking designed especially for women proves to be a trend

Group of people working at a table
Initiatives that arise from the needs of different types of women in the labor market have given rise to new coworking concepts

Ransomware: how much does a cyber attack cost to companies?

Hacker and padlock on a laptop
The company Norsk Hydro has lost 45 million pounds because of a ransomware attack, but it is still considered a success case in the face of hackers' threats

Some problems in the way towards the Copa América 2020

Soccer ball in the field of a stadium
AFA recent accusations to Conmebol could change the conditions of how the tournament, for now with two venues, is organized

Argentina tries to keep its largest oil company in the courts of New York

YPF gas station
In the first hearing of the trial, the Argentinian delegation made it clear that litigation should not continue outside its national territory

Eike Batista: when money and corruption come together

Eike Batista arrested by the Brazilian police in 2018
The Brazilian billionaire is now in jail and must now pay a $134 million fine for the crimes of active corruption and money laundering

Rafael Nadal and the law of supply and demand

Rafael Nadal
"What is your opinion on women earning less than men in tennis and what do you think is this based on?", they asked Nadal at a press conference

Women's Football World Cup Awards: this is the huge salary gap in football

Selección femenina de China en el mundial de Francia 2019
Although the prize for the winning team of the Women's World Cup will increase by more than 200%, this figure is still far from the prize given in the Men's World Cup

Spanish hotel chain Sol Melia plans to build 20 new hotels in Brazil by 2005, Sol Melia South American Vice President Rui Manuel Oliveira said in an interview recently published.

Sol Melia opened six new hotels in Brazil last year and operates a total of 21.

The executive said Sol Melia had already signed deals with several construction companies, adding that the expansion project would require an investment of 600 million reais ($260 million).

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