This is how US trade decisions affect Latin America

Feb 13, 2020 Trade
Batch of containers
25 nations ceased to be recognized by the United States as developing countries, which would eliminate some subsidies and change the trade relationship

USA and China: closer to a trade agreement

Jan 02, 2020 Trade
President of the United States, Donald Trump, and President of China, Xi Jinping.
On January 15, the United States and China will sign the first phase of a trade agreement that could end the tensions of both countries

The Lithium triangle has Latin America with a square head

Nov 22, 2019 Trade
Lithium Triangle, composed of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
This element found naturally on our planet has become the gasoline of tomorrow, as it mainly serves to manufacture the batteries of our devices

After trade deal, unhealthy foods flowed into Central America

Nov 14, 2019 Trade
Fried potato strip
The study analyzes the availability of non-nutritious food in the years after the Central America Free Trade Agreement was signed with the US.

Cannabis export process in Colombia is ‘Locked’

Nov 01, 2019 Trade
Ground cannabis in a transparent plastic bag
Colombia has estimated that exports of products processed from cannabis can rise up to 6,000 million dollars annually.

These are the winners of the coin and banknote contest in Latin America

Oct 18, 2019 Trade
Official tickets and coins.
Latinum is the contest that has been held among the Latin American countries for several years in which the coins and bills of 20 nationalities participate .

The french fries war begins

Oct 16, 2019 Trade
French fries on a plate
Colombia has taken measures to defend the domestic product, thus affecting imports from countries in the European Union .

Ecuador says goodbye to OPEC

Oct 01, 2019 Trade
Oil extraction pump
The South American country announced its withdrawal from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

This is what the World Avocado Congress left

Sep 30, 2019 Trade
Avocado World Congress in Medellin.
The most important event of this growing industry ended in Medellin after 5 days full of knowledge, conferences and a lot of innovation.

World Avocado Congress: The opportunity for the Colombian market

Sep 23, 2019 Trade
Avocado on a tree
Because of its optimal soils and temperatures and its growing industry, Colombia was chosen to host the World Avocado Congress 2019

Chile seeks to revive stalled lithium project

Sep 21, 2019 Trade
Brine pools of a lithium mine in the Atacama salt flat in Chile
Chile leads a new effort to boost a local value-added lithium industry, which arouses interest in China, Japan and Europe

Chinese trade deputies face off in Washington amid deep differences

Sep 19, 2019 Trade
USA and China flags.
The negotiations on Thursday and Friday are trying to lay the groundwork for high-level talks in early October

Meat producers in Argentina double their sales to China

Sep 18, 2019 Trade
Showcase of a butcher shop.
The Asian nation is securing an additional source of meat, which has drastically benefited Argentine sales

China will exclude soy and pork from additional tariffs on US products

Sep 13, 2019 Trade
Corral with pigs
This has been the last sign of relief in the tensions between Washington and Beijing before a new round of negotiations

Are China and the U.S minimizing trade war?

Sep 11, 2019 Trade
Container being lifted by a crane in a port
There will be a meeting between trade negotiators from the two countries to try and de-escalate their bruising tariff row
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