Everything we know about Age of Empires IV

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Age of Empirtes IV'
The classic strategy game returns with a fourth edition that promises to be the best of the entire saga. Let's see everything that is known about this new title

Memes for you to relax in the middleweek

Here are some of our favorites of this week so far

Everything we know about Fast and Furious 9

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Fast and Furious 9'
The popular high-speed car franchise returns in its ninth film, which would be one of the most ambitious of the entire saga

These will be the first Latin American productions of HBO Max

Still from the series 'Days of roosters'
The new streaming platform will arrive in Latin America in June with two very interesting series

What Latin American productions can be seen on Disney +?

Still from the productions 'Sobrevolando', 'Conecta y Canta' and 'El Risorantino de Arnoldo'
The streaming platform already has several titles in its catalog, in addition to some others that are in the production process

#SaveRalph and the best vegan memes

We bring you the best vegan memes about the #SaveRalph campaign, which has became viral around the world

In the spotlight: the new female voices of Latin American pop

RPLK and Florencia Nuñez
We present you the musical proposals of these five artists who are already sounding loud

When music is the protagonist in Wrestlemania

Flo Rida during his presentation at Wrestlemania
The most important event of WWE has been characterized by having great musical presentations

Oscars special: 'Promising Young Woman' and female revenge

Still from the movie 'Promising Young Woman'
Promising Young Woman has been nominated by the Hollywood Academy in the category of best film, among other categories

Memes with your favorites animated characters

Many animated characters that you surely adore are the protagonists of these memes

Is it the end of musical groups? Find out why soloists are getting successful

Musical group 'One Direction'
The music industry seems to be increasingly leaning towards solo artists. Which are the reasons?

Five Oscar-winning documentaries you shouldn't miss

Alex Honnold's climb in Free Solo.
Looking for productions that portray more reality than fiction? These documentaries, which were awarded by the Academy, will surprise you

Godzilla vs Kong: the movie that ends the MonsterVerse in an awesome way

Frame from the movie 'Godzilla vs. Kong '
The final showdown between the two giant beasts has everything fans wanted: action, spectacle, and emotional moments

Records and curiosities that perhaps you did not know about the Oscars

Oscar statuettes
The most important ceremony in the film industry is full of interesting statistics

10 songs from Oscar-winning animated films

Still from the movies 'Toy Story', 'Aladdin' and 'Monsters Inc.'
We review those unforgettable songs that marked an era and won the award for Best Original Song
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