"Encanto": A Portrait of Colombia that does not ignore the Armed Conflict

Still from the movie 'Encanto'
Encanto, the new Disney production, has Colombia as the protagonist and where magical realism, music and some quite particular characters steal the eye in this new film. This is our review

The Latin American Artists Behind The Encanto Soundtrack

Frame from the movie 'Encanto'
The new Disney movie is considered a love letter to Colombia, full of Latin music. These are the Latin American artists behind the Encanto soundtrack

2021 American Music Awards, Land of Female Artists

Olivia Rodrigo in the AMAs
The American Music Awards night was one of the most expected for new and already established artists. Female celebrities took home the awards from the most prestigious categories like…

A Look at the Amazing Financial Empires of Some Actresses

Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
The Woman Post brings you a list of actresses who run their own business empires.

Do You Know the Real Motivations Behind the Taylor Swift Re-Recordings?

Taylor Swift in I Bet You Think About Me
One of the biggest pop stars in the world is re-recording her first six albums, something unusual in the music industry. Why is she doing this and how does it connect with her rights?

These Women Comedians Always Give Us a Good Time

Nicole Byer, Amy Schumer and Hannah Gadsby
The Woman Post brings you the funniest, most popular, and influential female comedians that make people addicted to laughing.

Eternals, a Daring Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Eternals characters of Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek
Eternals has reactivated the discussion regarding the lag in terms of diversity and inclusion in the cinema, reaffirmed by the statements of participating actresses, with extensive…

Must-See Korean Dramas on Netflix

Frame from the show 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay'
Here are some of the most addicting series from South Korea that you will want to watch more than one time.

OPINION:Reggaetón or the Possible Decline of a Genre

Frame from the video 'Perra' of J Balvin
Far from dignifying it, reggaeton refers to women in terms of sexual objects, subjects of pleasure, with misogynistic approaches.

Why Is "Squid Game" One of the Most-Watched Shows?

Frame from the TV show 'Squid Game'
Ted Sarandos, Chief Executive Officer of Netflix, estimated that the worldwide successful South Korean show, Squid Game, could be the platform's biggest show ever.

A Closer Look at Kids' Video Games Habits

Kid playig a videogame
You know the negative influence that video games cause on children and adolescents!

Pop It, the Toy That Help You!

Pop it toy
Pop It toys have been everywhere lately. Popping the tiny bubbles is satisfying and calming, which makes it a great stress reliever.

Top Female Gamers Worldwide

Kat Gunn, Christine Chi, Ricki Sophie Ortiz
More and more women are deciding to enter the video game industry. We tell you who are the most important ones.
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