5 top free Disney games for quarantine

Jun 10, 2020 Hobbies
Frame from the video game trailer 'Disney Heroes: Battle Mode'
Disney is present on all platforms ... even mobile games

The 5 most downloaded smartphone games

Jun 04, 2020 Technology
Still from the 'Subway Surfers' smartphone video game
Mobile games dominate the video game market and even outperform the game console and PC industry

How can prolonged use of videogames affect you?

May 20, 2020 Hobbies
Woman playing video games.
Due to the quarantine, online games are positioned as an alternative to socialize with friends

Virtual sports: is it worth watching?

May 15, 2020 Others
EA Fifa Sports match.
Are e-sports a poor replacement for "real" sports during the quarantine?

Air purifiers: why are they important for your home?

May 15, 2020 Technology
Air purifier in operation.
Cleaning the air of polluting and allergenic particles as well as bad smells is possible with the good use of an air purifier

The most curious Guinness World Records in video games

May 08, 2020 Hobbies
Man playing with his Play Station.
We decided to make a compilation of the most curious records on gaming history

These are the soccer teams that bet on eSports

Apr 30, 2020 Sports
Man playing on a computer.
These are some teams that have bet on virtual sports.

The 6 best free Android games for quarantine

Apr 23, 2020 Technology
Man playing on his cell phone.
Don't have a console or computer? It doesn't matter: you can take advantage of quarantine to enjoy some of these free games for Android smartphones.

The secrets of the success of Call of Duty Warzone

Apr 17, 2020 Hobbies
Still from the 'Call of Duty: Warzone' game trailer
Call of Duty Warzone became one of the most popular games in the quarantine. Let's see what are the secrets of its success.

Tour of Flanders: a novel strategy to beat the Covid-19

Apr 14, 2020 Sports
Computer with an image of a cyclist pedaling.
The cycling event in Belgium 'broke the mold' with an initiative that allowed it to celebrate its 2020 edition. How did they do it?

The rise of e-sports in times of quarantine

Mar 27, 2020 Sports
Person holding a control of an xbox
Sports competition continues, this time, online.

When World of Warcraft went mad over a pandemic

Mar 24, 2020 Others
Still from the trailer for the movie 'World of Warcraft: Shadowlands'
World of Warcraft had an experience similar to the current pandemic, where we were able to observe an interesting reaction from the community.

7 video games while quarantining

Mar 18, 2020 Hobbies
Frame from the trailer of the game 'World of Warcraft: Shadowlands'.
The Coronavirus has made us stay at home, so we can take advantage of and pass these 7 video games that have endless objectives .

The 5 strangest consoles in history

Mar 17, 2020 Others
Apple Bandai Pippin console.
We are in an era in which every day there are more and more gamers. Therefore, we decided to review the 5 rarest consoles in history.

The 5 best Pokémon games, from worst to best

Mar 09, 2020 Others
Person holding a cell phone with the Pokémon Go game.
The world of Pokémon is more alive than ever. Knowing this, we decided to make the top 5 of the best games in the franchise.
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