Review of Netflix's Dead to me

May 21, 2020 Movies
Frame from the trailer of the series 'Dead to me'
Here are our first impressions from the second season of this Neflix original black comedy series

Why Nolan's Batman trilogy is still so iconic

May 20, 2020 Movies
Still from the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
Although the universe is being expanded, many agree that Nolan's Batman trilogy is the best

5 reasons to watch The Ministry of Time

May 15, 2020 Movies
Frame of the trailer for the fourth season of 'The Ministry of Time'.
In this "golden decade" of Spanish series, The Ministry of Time has been one of the most successful

Spider-Man 4: the real reasons for its cancellation

May 15, 2020 Movies
Spider Man on top of a building.
Spider-Man 4 by Sam Raimi is the movie we all expected, but never came. Let's see the reasons

The best movies shot only with a smartphone

May 13, 2020 Movies
Stills from the trailer for the films 'Olive the Movie' and 'Tangerine'.
As the production of films was paralyzed by quarantine, we decided to investigate more "homemade" filming

3 great movie sagas to enjoy during quarantine

May 11, 2020 Movies
Frame from the movie 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter'
Here we present three sagas of cult films of the apocalyptic fiction genre to enjoy in quarantine

This is the secret of "Better Call Saul's" fifth season success

May 08, 2020 Movies
Still from the 'Better Call Saul' series
Better Call Saul ended its fifth season, which is considered one of the best in the entire series

All about 'Ema', the new movie from Pablo Larraín

May 07, 2020 Movies
Still from the trailer for the movie 'Ema'.
Here everything you need to know to see Ema, the Chilean film that all Latin America is commenting on

Thrillers: here are some tricks used to scare you

May 05, 2020 Movies
Still from the movie 'Us'.
Behind the fear generated by a good thriller, there are several cinematographic techniques that play with the pulsations of the viewer

The possible return of the drive-in theater

May 04, 2020 Movies
Cars during a drive-in show.
Although the practice has become unpopular in recent times, the coronavirus situation raises the possibility that the drive-in theater will return

This May's streaming premieres

Apr 30, 2020 Movies
Frame from the series 'Central Park'.
Streaming has never been so important, don't miss what's coming for this May.

The usual nostalgia: third season of The house of flowers

Apr 29, 2020 Movies
Frame from the trailer for the series 'The House of Flowers: Season 3'.
Here are the first impressions of the final season of this beloved novel.

9 must-see Netflix releases for May

Apr 27, 2020 Movies
Frames from 'Hollywood', 'The 100' and 'Outlander'.
Here our summary of the premieres that you can not miss

Netflix and YouTube offer free content in quarantine

Apr 24, 2020 Movies
Woman watching Netflix on a phone
Don't have a Netflix subscription? It doesn't matter: They released a lot of content legally and for free on YouTube. Learn more details.

8 new series to make quarantine more bearable

Apr 22, 2020 Movies
Person watching series on your television-
In this quarantine for Covid-19 take the opportunity to have fun watching these new series on streaming platforms
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