"Encanto": A Portrait of Colombia that does not ignore the Armed Conflict

Still from the movie 'Encanto'
Encanto, the new Disney production, has Colombia as the protagonist and where magical realism, music and some quite particular characters steal the eye in this new film. This is our review

The Latin American Artists Behind The Encanto Soundtrack

Frame from the movie 'Encanto'
The new Disney movie is considered a love letter to Colombia, full of Latin music. These are the Latin American artists behind the Encanto soundtrack

Eternals, a Daring Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Eternals characters of Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek
Eternals has reactivated the discussion regarding the lag in terms of diversity and inclusion in the cinema, reaffirmed by the statements of participating actresses, with extensive…

Must-See Korean Dramas on Netflix

Frame from the show 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay'
Here are some of the most addicting series from South Korea that you will want to watch more than one time.

Why Is "Squid Game" One of the Most-Watched Shows?

Frame from the TV show 'Squid Game'
Ted Sarandos, Chief Executive Officer of Netflix, estimated that the worldwide successful South Korean show, Squid Game, could be the platform's biggest show ever.

Horror Movies That Will Shake You to Your Core This Halloween

Frame from the movies 'Hereditary' and 'The Witch'
Halloween is the perfect time to watch spooky masterpieces. The Woman Post brings you the best scary movies that will shake you to your core.

"Tantas almas": Another Face of the Armed Conflict in Colombia

Still from the production
In the last decade, Colombian films that address, directly or indirectly, the armed conflict in the country have featured internationally

Best Dramas on Netflix You'll Want To Watch Now

Frame from the movie 'In the Dark'
Here are some of the best movies in Netflix's drama library. Most of them have gained significant recognition for their actors and stories, taking home some of the most prestigious…

New Movies To Watch on Netflix

Frame from the movie 'Penguin Bloom'
Netflix renovates its movie list every day. This is why The Woman Post brings you a movie suggestion list to relax on the weekend.

Valle Del Cocora, Colombian Location for Disney Movie Encanto

Valle del Cocora in Salento, Quindío, Colombia
Encanto tells the story of a unique family who lives in a house full of magic, situated in the glorious place in the mountains of Colombia. But what exact region within Colombia inspired…

The Tomorrow War: An Amazon Blockbuster About Time Travel

Still from the film 'Tomorrow's War'
The Tomorrow War Proves That Amazon Can Produce Hollywood-level Blockbusters

Marvel Studios Steps Towards Inclusion by Confirming Loki's Bisexuality

Still from the series 'Loki'
The Norse God Loki is Marvel Studios' first openly bisexual character

The Conjuring, the Supernatural Fiction that Surpassed the Real Events

Lorraine Warren and Vera Farmiga
The Warrens are back in the spotlight in the latest installment of this horror trilogy: The Conjuring, the Devil Made Me Do It. Here we bring you an excellent review of the film

Luca: The New Disney and Pixar Movie, a Metaphor for Sexual Diversity?

Still from the film 'Luca'
Luca, the New Pixar and Disney Film, Celebrates Acceptance And Diversity
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