Orishas’ singer to the big screen

Yotuel Romero in between the music and the film industry.

Yotuel Romero in between the music and the film industry.

El Acompañante, is the name of the films that stars Orishas’ singer Yotuel Romero. The film is aiming to get to the 2017 Academy Awards.

The film wants to present Cuba to the world. The story, the characters and even the music (Made by the way with Orishas collaboration and direct participation) are a new approach to the Cuban culture. And what a better place to do so than in the big screen.

Pavel Giroud is the director of the project about a disgraced boxer working as a companion to a patient in AIDS quarantine at a Havana sanitarium

ICAIC, Cuba’s film institute announced that El Acompañante is on its way to the Oscars and the Goyas, Spain’s annual film awards with their submission for 2017.

Going further with the music choice for the movie, Yotuel Romero says: “I wanted to portray a Cuban boxer from the school of Cuban boxing, which for me is one of the greatest in the world, I wanted to show the characteristic ‘dance’ of the Cuban boxers when they fight. And I wanted the fights to look real.”

Coincidence or not, Orishas comeback to the music industry happened simultaneously with the film promotion and release.

Latin American is diversity in one word. This Cuban artist is a proof of it. Cuba has started producing more films in the late years like some other Latin American countries beginning to spread their culture and talents to the world, demonstrating the growing process of the population in many aspects.

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