An amazing 2016 for Esteman

The balance of these twelve months is positive for the Colombian, who managed to bring his music to other parts of Latin America. Beyond the music, he did it with a social message to our Latin American identity.

Although it is an album that was released in 2015, the truth is that Caótica Belleza has given all the satisfactions to Esteman in 2016. An album that made him go beyond borders, taking him to other countries of great importance in the music industry like Mexico .

"In this last part of the tour, the Caótica Belleza tour, we had the opportunity not only to be in Colombia, but also to visit Las Vegas, Los Angeles, but above all, several cities in Mexico where I thought people had not listened to my musical project, but they surprised me in an unimaginable way, "the artist explained.

In the last months Esteman has been dedicated to play, but also to promote the music video of the homonymous song Caótica Belleza. Images that were recorded between Mexico and Colombia, as part of a social message.

"Without a doubt, it is a hymn about identity and, as for video, we focus on Latin America and on everything it means to be Latin American. It has to do with uniting and not segmenting, to have respect for where we come from. "

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For Esteman, Chaotic Beauty has to do with the land that saw him born and with what he is as an individual in Latin America.

In the video the fans will be able to see places representative of both parts as the Zócalo, the National Park, and some landscapes of Boyacá. "We chose these spaces because for me they represented perfectly what Caótica Belleza says."

The theme also has the participation of artists such as Mon Laferte, Francisca Valenzuela, Manuel Medrano and Juan Pablo Vega.

"If it is a hymn, what better than singing it with friends, who feel that same affection for the song. Take us by the hand to express different sensations. I chose them, because, in addition to the passion for music, and great friendship, we all have a very similar vision about life. With them I share a perspective related to the free human being and able to express without fear what others say. Everyone does not want to follow the formula, they sing from the heart, with a very honest side ".

And of course, Natalia Lafourcade, could not be missing in the video, since, in addition to accompanying him with his voice on the subject, it also meant a different way of conceiving his second album.

"She told me that the name of the song should be given to the album and I was right, since my essence is like that. I am chaotic in that I am very spontaneous and eclectic. "

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