The reasons for Dark's huge success

Fans went wild after the last season of Dark. Let's see what are the reasons for the success of the series

Fans went wild after the last season of Dark. Let's see what are the reasons for the success of the series .

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The German Netflix series, known as Dark, came to an end in the third season . The Xataka website mentions that it has become a “cultural phenomenon”, in which people elaborated different theories about the enigmatic plot, sharing information and speculation on social media.

Despite the fact that many classify it as a "difficult to understand" story, the reality is that it does not take viewers as passive subjects. In other words, it is one of those narratives where the public must pay attention to all the details, attack loose ends and relate events. Basically, it invites us to think.

This implies that, according to what the hypertextual media comments, it has been “difficult” to dismiss the series for its creators. Basically, they had dozens of characters through different time travels, keeping viewers on edge since 2017. Let's see, then, the reasons for the success of this European science fiction story.

Dark's reasons for success on Netflix

First of all, we must say that the third season was announced as the definitive one. This implies that, as the La Vanguardia website mentions, a fourth edition was not intended as a continuation of the events of the third, despite the fact that it has shown enormous success rates in this last stage.

However, we must understand why the series achieved enormous success among users. The first thing that can be highlighted is that it is a fairly complex series. This occurs to the point where, according to the Espinof media outlet, Netflix itself has had to draw a timeline so as not to miss any important event.

So why is it that so much information needs to be understood and the series seems "disorganized"? Simple: by its own plot. Time travel is one of the keys to this story, where the protagonists themselves return to different times to meet other people , generating paradoxes in the world itself.

That was another of the strongest points in the story, since, as the Indie Hoy media comments, fans highlighted the excellent casting of the characters 'past, present and future throughout all the series' timelines. That is, they are different actors with very similar facial features, demonstrating that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

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Another important point is the transition from the small to the huge. At first, the idea of a small town, conspiracies, and experiments was related to another massive phenomenon, as was the case with Stranger Things. Even, initially, the media Clarín decided to compare them with each other, showing the similarities in the essence they had, although with some distinctions.

That is to say, unlike other stories, where the temporal turns seem to be a resource to bring the plot to life (as in Lost, for example), here they are presented as the very essence of the series, so one assumes those paradoxes from the beginning and knows that's what the whole plot will be about. You grow fond of contradictions, allowing yourself to enjoy a story that, apparently, caught the general public by inviting you to think.

Finally, we talk about a story that also closed in a wonderful way. According to what the Hobbyconsolas website highlights, the series “embraces the science fiction proposal”, managing to delve perfectly into more difficult terrain. Therefore, it is shown that the public is also interested in generating connections between the characters and theorizing about the events of the story.

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