September Special: movies about friendships that turn into relationships

Our last installment of our September special is here, this time about films of friendships that become relationships.

We have chosen for the third and last installment of our September special the theme of films about friendships that becomes relationships. We bring you, then, five recommended to see on this last Sunday of the month of love and friendship.

13 going on 30

The protagonist of this film, a 13-year-old girl, cannot wait to be thirty to be successful and popular. As a consequence of an enchantment, then, she awakens in her future life: she is thirty years old and has everything she has ever wanted. But this jump in time will only help her realize that what is most needed is not always desired, because she will see that in reality a love awaited her in the friendship of an old and tender friend, whom she had despised when she was 13 .

Love, Rosie

Two lifelong friends fall in love and fall out of love over the years. The two protagonists of this story live a lifetime together but they never seem to find the right moment to be together. Friends since childhood, these two young people must go through a history of romances, successes and job failures to realize that they are for each other and that they really love each other since they once kissed as teenagers.

Friends with benefits

A typical case of friends with benefits turns into a love story. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are the protagonists of this story, in which a game between friends turns out to be a lasting love. The two protagonists of this film begin by wanting to have sex without commitment, both have just finished emotional relationships with other people and just want to have fun for a while. What they don't know is that they will end up, obviously, falling madly in love with each other so that a romantic gesture ends this movie.

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Made of honor

Another couple of lifelong friends. Ever since they met at a university party, the two protagonists of this story have been doing everything together: they see each other every day, they have inside jokes, they make fun of those who dislike them, they accompany each other to marriages. She, for work, must go traveling and be absent for a few weeks. He, in the loneliness in which he remains, realizes that he is in love with her, only to find out, upon her friend's return, that she is engaged. It will be the mission of this man, then, to steal the bride.

One day

Emma and Dexter also meet at university, and we will see on the screen several moments of their friendship, which lasts more than twenty years. They always meet at least once a year on the anniversary of the day they met and it is through that day of the year that we see their journey from friendship to love. It is also a story of two friends, who in this case seem like polar opposites, who find it difficult to find the moment to be together, but who, in the end, find their way.

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