The Tomorrow War: An Amazon Blockbuster About Time Travel

The Tomorrow War Proves That Amazon Can Produce Hollywood-level Blockbusters.

Still from the film 'Tomorrow's War'

Little by little, Amazon is transforming itself not only into a platform with a large catalog of movies and series, but also into a high-level film producer. Photo: YT-Prime Video

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Little by little, Amazon is transforming itself not only into a platform with a large catalog of movies and series, but also into a high-level film production company. A good example of this is The Tomorrow War, a film that could quietly position itself as a blockbuster in movie theaters.

This new science fiction proposal, by director Chris McKay, delivers action and drama, in a film that nerdy audiences will love. Especially, fans of shooters, as it is a film that draws inspiration from those titles where players must kill aliens.

This can be seen in a really original premise, which allows us to reflect on the world in which we live. In addition, it has some action scenes that are excellently shot and that are among some of the best of 2021. Let's see what are the virtues of this great production.

The Tomorrow War

The premise of the film is simple: in the future, humans must fight against beings from another planet to survive. Scientists open a portal to the past, where they recruit civilians to have a greater number of soldiers and avoid possible defeat, due to the sheer number of enemies.

With a superb performance by the ever-charismatic Chris Pratt, we meet a science teacher named Dan Forester. Here we can see an analogy with mandatory military services: although his wife knows the risks involved (as almost no one returns), she has to accept to help the Earth of the future.

Precisely, one of the main virtues of this film is its cast. In addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy actor, there is Yvonne Strahovski, known for her role in The Handmaid's Tale. Other high-level actors such as JK Simmons or Betty Gelpin also make supporting appearances.

One of the virtues that The Tomorrow War has is narrative tone. In other words, this is not a typical film where American values are vindicated, but rather the future of Humanity is at stake everywhere. In other words, it is a global story, where each continent has its importance.

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On the other hand, the pacing is splendid: lovers of the action genre will be delighted with this film, since it leaves no room for thought and is constantly committed to generating adrenaline. The idea of having to save all human beings from an existential threat is well executed.

This is combined with excellent photography with classic dystopian-apocalyptic tones, which allow viewers to understand the magnitude of the threat from aliens. The direction, although it is not masterful, is what is expected of a film where action predominates.

Finally, one of its strongest points is how it handles time travel. This is almost always a controversial subject, which generates narrative inconsistencies, as happened with Harry Potter or Marvel. However, this context is presented here from the outset, without the need to give too many explanations.

In short, the almost two and a half hours of The Tomorrow War takes us to a future where humanity must survive, with a conflict on a global scale that has enough action and adrenaline to keep you on the edge of your seat. Now available on Amazon Prime Video!

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