Solar Voyager attempts the first solar powered crossing of the Atlantic

The autonomous boat was launched on June 1 and aims to complete a solar journey across the Atlantic.

You may have already heard about the Solar Impulse, the solar powered airplane aiming to complete the round-the-world solar flight. This time we present you the Solar Voyager, an autonomous boat, solar powered meant to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

It's a four meters in length and one meter width kayak project with space to house two solar panels that act as its main source of energy.

The kayak was designed and assemble in Singapore, it's hull was made in the US. It is the brainchild of Isaac Penny and Christopher Sam Soon. The process began four years ago and was launched on June 1 after a fatal failure delayed  the project for a year.

Its inventors build it from scratch with only taking the solar panels and some standard motors parts off the shelf. From a normal plastic kayak it evolved to a custom aluminum hull with all home made testes propulsion, and electronics.

It weights 250 kg, which in terms of efficiency is a setback, but the extra weight provides  additional inertia for stability. Fitted with 240 watts of solar panel, the solar voyager is able to generate 7kWh per day in summer or up to 3 kWh per day in winter.

It's also hooked to the Iridium satellite constellation and its able to transmit it's status  through 66 satellites in orbit.

Solar voyager is undertaking a four month journey across the Atlantic from Boston to reach France or Spain, depending on weather conditions. The project was supported by the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center in Gloucester Massachusetts.

Its location can be tracked every 15 minutes through

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