Colombian Ministry of Environment to invest 5,000 million pesos to clean up bay

20,000 families could benefit from the clean-up of the Tumaco bay in the Pacific region.

The Colombian Ministry of Environment is determined to clean-up and recover the Tumaco Bay in the Pacific region of the country. This time it will invest 5,000 million pesos (1.7million USD) to fight the effects of a 410,000 gallons’ oil spill in mid 2015.

At the time, the spill caused by an attack from FARC to the Transandino pipeline was considered as an environmental tragedy that affected the most vulnerable populations.

“We’ve chosen this bay and the Miro river basin as a pilot area for the ecological rehabilitation of an area affected by an oil spill.
After discussing with the Community Councils, officials and the people we’ve decided the project will be directed by INVEMAR (Marine and Coastal Investigation Institute) with collaboration form DIMAR, Corponariño and Universidad del Valle,” said Luis Guillermo Murillo, Minister of Environment.

According to Corponariño’s Director, Fernando Burbano, the initial phase of the recovery has been achieved thanks to the management, financial and technical efforts of the entities involved. “After the pipeline’s attack there’s been several consequences in the Mira river. Through the program we’ve already made a diagnosis and based the foundations of the project,” he said.

The project will benefit 20,000 families in the area, the Ministry announced. “We want it to be an economic and social rehabilitation program, therefore the participation of both the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce is very important,” highlighted Murillo.

The project will start with the analysis of the ecosystem’s health and define the best rehabilitation strategy. It will focus in cleaning the bay, managing dangerous residues and making a follow-up and control of the ecosystems.

LatinAmerican Post
María Andrea Márquez

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