Maria Ressa: Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Advocate of Press Freedom

Maria ressa
Maria Ressa has distinguished herself for investigating Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's brutal war on drugs and her work against fake news and misinformation. The journalist was one…

How Is the Work of the United Nations Related to You?

United Nations Bureau
The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and security, build healthy relations among nations, accomplish international cooperation…

Juliana Barreto, Member of the Global 100 Leaders

Juliana Barreto
The young woman is an empathetic leader who with warmth and passion manages to persuade them with her fantastic ideas.

Biabu Chupea: Rights of Embera Chami Women

Documentary Biabu Chupea: A Scream in the Silence
Did you know that in Colombia more than 65 languages are spoken? You may also be astonished to find out that this country is the second most ethnically diverse in the Americas, after Brazil.

Online Protest Campaign Against the Taliban Dress Code

Bahar jalali
Women in Afghanistan have launched an online campaign as a sign of protest against the new dress code for female students.

Afghan Girls Dress Like Boys To Have Rights

In Afghan culture, a male child is a matter of pride. He is also the one in charge of carrying the family name forward. But daughters are often considered a burden.

Statues of Referent Women in the Cities of the World

Fearless Girl Statue
The project of the six-and-a-half-meter sculpture located in Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico called "Tlalli" would replace that of Christopher Columbus.

Families and Societies and the Role Given to Grandparents

Little girl hugging her grandmother
Grandparents should be valued in their proper dimension for the importance they have in the family, whether they are funny, rigid, authoritarian, tender, permissive, accomplices, or eternal…

The Irresistible Seducer of the Senses Impossible To Avoid, Chocolate

Woman with chocolates
It melts in the mouth, it is a first-line ingredient in the preparation of cakes and desserts, and it pleases icy bodies by providing warmth in its liquid, steamy, seductive, and hot…

Vulnerable Women in Nepal Lead Valuable Support in Soup Kitchens

Pushpa Sunar (in blue) and her team distribute food from the community kitchen organized by UN Women partner Maiti Nepal.
Empowerment and community intervention are a fundamental part of women's daily work.

Women Mayors of Moldova, a Sign of Growing Empowerment

Elena Neaga
In Moldova, women raise their voices against violence and offer political leaders.

What Can Be Done To Improve Women's Participation in Political Contests?

Angela Maria Robledo
Competition at the local, regional, and national levels in political contests is highly unequal. Women's political careers tend to be more difficult than those of men. Civil society has…

Great Women Architects of History

Charlotte Perriand, Lina Bo Bardi and Kazuyo Sejima
Did you know that there were many relevant women in the world of architecture? Here you have a selection of the most relevant ones.
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