How do Americans view the virus? Anthropology professor examines attitudes of COVID

Three people wearing face mask
How Americans' attitudes and responses have changed during the time of the pandemic

Most infants are well even when moms are infected by COVID-19

Mother with her baby sitting in an armchair
UCSF study shows reassuring initial findings for infant health

COVID-19 screening of asymptomatic people could decrease infections, deaths

Person taking temperature to another with infrared thermometer
Low-cost, recurring screening of asymptomatic people could decrease COVID-19 infections and deaths and be cost-effective

Belief in conspiracy theories is a barrier to controlling spread of COVID-19

Doctor holding surgical mask and plastic bottle
Conspiracy beliefs predict resistance to COVID-19 vaccination and preventive behaviors, study finds

COVID-19 and the decolonization of Indigenous public health

Person with a surgical mask
Indigenous communities in Canada have experienced lower rates of infection and lower death rates from COVID-19 than the general population

As pandemic progressed, people's perceived risks went up

Man washing hands
Individual's personal risk assessments were found to be linked to behavioral changes

Pandemics and epidemics could exacerbate racism xenophobia

People walking on sidewalk during daytime
Instincts developed to protect us from illnesses can generalize into avoidance of healthy individuals who look, speak or live differently

Which are the countires where there is not coronavirus?

Healthcare staff holding a coronavirus test
Despite the fact that we are experiencing a pandemic, there are some nations that, so far, have not reported infections

Study shows a safer UV light effectively kills virus causing COVID-19

UV Light
First proof that Ultraviolet C light with a 222 nm wavelength -- safer to use around humans -- effectively kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus

When do people retweet health agencies' COVID-19 messages?

Person holdiing smartphone on twitter
New insights could help guide future communication strategies during the pandemic and in similar crises

How important are Latinos in US elections?

Group of protesting people with a sign that says 'Vote'
Latino voters play a crucial role in tipping the scales one way or the other

Scientists predict COVID-19 will become a seasonal virus, but not yet

Man wearing protective suit holding a covid test
COVID-19, the illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, will likely become seasonal in countries with temperate climates

COVID-19 patients with sleep apnoea could be at additional risk

Man lying on sofa with with blanket using a thermometer
People who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea could be at increased risk of adverse outcomes from COVID-19
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