Sweden and Central African Republic, the best and worst countries for women

Jul 08, 2020 Global
Woman walking down a street in Sweden
Why do these two countries have been classified as the best and worst for women?

Self-isolation may increase susceptibility to COVID-19

Jul 08, 2020 Global
Man wearing face fask
Previous research points to the effect of social stressors on developing upper respiratory infections, holding clues to COVID-19 risk

Tradition of female genital mutilation must end according to UN

Jul 07, 2020 Global
African woman carrying a child
A total of 200 million women and girls have been affected by female genital mutilation and 4.1 million are at risk by 2020

Remdesivir can save more lives where ICUs are overwhelmed

Jul 07, 2020 Global
Nurse applying an IV drip to a patient
The drug could save lives in countries with less hospital capacity

UN Women and Norway launch protection plan for female leaders in Colombia

Jul 06, 2020 Global
Image of the 'Prodefensoras' program
Prodefensoras Colombia is a prevention and protection project that supports women leaders whose mission is to defend human rights and promotes peace across the country

Iraq: a rocket was fired to the United States embassy

Jul 05, 2020 Global
Soldiers with a missile
A missile firing against American interests was reported this Sunday.

Global threats: How lessons from COVID-19 can prevent environmental meltdown

Jul 03, 2020 Global
Illustration of the planet earth shaped like a coronavirus
Covid-19, climate emergencies, and mass extinction all share striking similarities

National survey on COVID-19 pandemic shows significant mental health impact

Jul 03, 2020 Global
Woman looking through a window.
Report reveals a snapshot of American emotional and mental well-being in late May

400 million jobs affected by COVID and other news of the week

Jul 03, 2020 Global
Empty office, Nicolas Maduro and Vladimir Puttin.
Tensions in Venezuela and the covid work crisis were among the most important news this week

Countries group into clusters as COVID-19 outbreak spreads

Jul 02, 2020 Global
People using their phones and having social distancing while line up during coronavirus pandemic.
This method analyzes the large amount of data accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic

Anne Hidalgo, the first immigrant mayor of Paris

Jul 01, 2020 Global
Anne Hidalgo
For the second time, the socialist Anne Hidalgo of Spanish origin and French nationality prevailed again as mayor of Paris

Women's crusade against COVID19 in India

Jun 30, 2020 Global
Woman smiling on a street in India.
More than a million women in rural India work voluntarily to curb the expansion of COVID 19
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