Afghanistan Today: 10 Years After Bin Laden's Death

Osama bin Laden
A decade after the death of what was the most wanted man in the world, the panorama of the Asian country is presented before shadows and lights

Colombia on strike, Biden's new investment program and more news

Demonstration in Colombia
Here are the most important political and economic news from Latin America and the world

Pablo Iglesias: the Chavista past of the candidate for mayor of Madrid

Pablo Iglesias
The socialist leader has been criticized for many years for his closeness to the Venezuelan regime

How Has the Pandemic Affected Birth Rates?

Person holding baby's index finger
Contrary to what was initially thought, the pandemic has affected birth rates in unexpected ways.

Harassment in Public Transport: An Unsolved Problem

Woman in public transport
Women’s experience in public transportation can be affected negatively because of sexual harassment.

Nawal El Saadawi, a Life Dedicated to Vindicating Women’s Rights

Nawal El Saadawi
Egyptian Nawal El Saadawi never separated from the pen that cost her jail and exile.

The Harsh and Invisible Social Impact of the Pandemic

Woman in the middle of a group
During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, some people state that they have suffered discrimination due to their Asian physical features.

Ramadan Karim, Generous and Honorable Ramadan

Fanny ochoa
For Islam, the human being is a trinity composed of matter-body, mind-intellect, and spirit.

End of the war in Afghanistan, political crisis in Haiti and more news

United States President Joe Biden
The most important political news from Latin America and the world

UN Women: Growing Equality Generation

Edgar Ramírez, Denis Mukwege, and Farhan Akhtar
Women are a generation of equality and we are rising for the same future.

Lisa Simpson: A Role Example Towards Young Girls Empowerment?

lisa Simpson
Can a yellowed-skin cartoon born in 1989 serve as inspiration and example to 2021 young girls?

First Arab Woman as Part of the Astronaut Team

Noura al matrooshi
After the appointment of Noura Al Matrooshi in the United Arab Emirates, she will proceed to travel to the United States to be instructed at NASA.

Promoting Equality in the Agricultural Sector

Yanneth Gomez Prada
The new professional path that Yanneth Gómez Prada chose two years ago focuses on socializing companies on issues of gender equality.

Queen Elizabeth's Power in a Patriarchal Society

Queen elizabeth ii
The historic death of Prince Philip makes us review a key era in history, where gender roles had changed, even in the monarchy.

Presidential elections weekend in Latin America and more news

Information for voters in extraordinary congressional elections of Peru in 2020
Get to know the most important news of Politics in Latin America and the World
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