Invisible Female Quota in the Next Presidential Elections in Colombia

Francia Márquez, environmental activist and candidate for Colombian presidency
With more than 40 pre-candidates, the Colombian presidential race is showing an obvious division within the country. Still, there are only two women still competing for the party's…

Latin America in Short: Ómicron Arrives in Colombia and Deportivo Cali Goes Champion

Vaccines and shield of sports Cali
Ómicron arrives in Colombia and with this fear grows for the new variant. Israel is already on the fourth dose of the vaccine and the climate in Europe is one of political tension. In…

Cristina Callejas: "Colombians Are Tireless for What We Want and Believe"

Cristina Callejas placeholder image
Authenticity is the word that best defines Cristina Callejas. In addition to being a social communicator and journalist with a master's degree in development management, she found the north…

Latin America in Short: Terrorist Attack in Colombia and Omicron Variant Expands

Attack in Cúcuta and image of the virus
This week terrorist attack in Colombia leaves three dead. On the other hand, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus continues to spread. These and other news summarized here

There Is No Excuse for Discrimination, Even Your Hair!

Afro kid
Afros are sometimes labeled and have been considered unacceptable or even unprofessional. But who decided hair could be good or bad?

Ariene Jamile Queiroz, Conqueror of the Agricultural Sector

Female biologist walking through a plant nursery.
Taking advantage of female potential in agricultural development has been one of the greatest successes for the sector's growth by becoming agents of change, transforming food production…

Why Did Millennials' Life Priorities Change?

Group of millennials
How do Millennials manage their married life compared to previous generations?

Paula González Salas: It's Okay To Ask for Help!

Paula González Salas
To generate a moment of awakening towards the balance between well-being and being productive, we must ask ourselves if what we do is what we want.

Christmas Recipes for Family Fun!

Christmas cookies
These ideas are great for children to help you at home this Christmas season.

Infallible Tips To Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

Persons giving a toast
The purposes of our life are the fuel that moves our body daily. That's why it's very easy to set some goals for the New Year.

The Best 5 Tips To Start the New Year 2022 Well

2022 candles with fireworks
The Woman Post brings you the best way to start this New Year with good vibes and work success.

Unexpected Merger With Colombia's Flagship Product

A bottle of hemp oil with coffee beans beside and with a hemp leaf beside it.
Coffee and CBD, derived from medical cannabis, merge their qualities in an interesting, new and delicious drink that makes palates fall in love. Today it is consumed in the United States…

Is It the Sole Responsibility of Women To Achieve Equality?

Event invitation
The 2030 Agenda includes 17 sustainable development goals, and Gender Equality is considered number five. Will it be achieved?

Fun Facts About Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas of Myra
His paternal home was not at the North Pole, nor was his native language English. He was born in the third century, they called him Nicholas and he dedicated his life to charity without…
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