250,000 refugees have crosed the Mediterranean in 2016

According to the International Organization for Migration IOM a quarter million people have arrived to Europe but 3034 have died in the attempt this year.

The IOM has reported that up to July 24 249,854 migrants have arrived to Europe, mostly in Italy and Greece. The number was expected to surpass the 250,000 as a group was to be rescued close to the Italian shores. 

This figure is very similar to the one reported in July 2015. But the number of casualties has increased reaching 3,034 deaths, over a thousand more than in 2015. "This is the earliest that we have seen the 3,000 mark, this occurred on Septemeber 2014 and October 2016," mentioned IOM spokesman Joel Millman during a briefing.  Refugees and migrants died in the attempt to reach Europe, most drowned after weather conditions and the massive amount of people per boat cause  a shipwreck. Just in May 2016 over 750 men, women and children died like this. 

3 out of 4 victims died while trying to reach Italy from North Africa, mostly from Libya. Other drowned between Turkey and Greece before the deal between Turkey and the EU. 

IOM Rome spokesman Flavio di Giacomo said, "Despite the constant and increased patrolling of the Mediterranean, it has proved extremely difficult to reduce the number of victims. Sometimes it has taken only only a few shipwrecks to cause hundreds of casualties." 

He added that without the work of Italian and international boats that save migrants on a daily basis the the number of missing people and deaths would be higher. 

Up to 85,000 of the migrants have arrived to Italy and most continue their journey to the Scandinavian countries and Germany. Greece has the highest toll with almost 160,000 arrivals.

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