The Irresistible Seducer of the Senses Impossible To Avoid, Chocolate

It melts in the mouth, it is a first-line ingredient in the preparation of cakes and desserts, and it pleases icy bodies by providing warmth in its liquid, steamy, seductive, and hot version. There is no corner in the world where it is unknown.

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The eternal idyll that millions of people have with chocolate throughout their lives is not accidental. Its flavor is delicious, exciting, delicate, and provides well-being. There is no nostalgia, sadness, or lovesickness that are not overcome once the contact of our taste buds with the pleasure that chocolate provides. According to experts, nine out of ten people are seduced by its undeniable charm. It is for these characteristics that, in his book "Historia del Chocolate," the Franco-Venezuelan historian, Nikita Harwich, rightly calls it "brown gold."

It seems that the love between Latinos and chocolate dates back to ancient times because, if we let ourselves be guided by recent archaeological findings from 2014, evidence of the consumption of chocolate in the form of a drink has been found in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Throughout its history as a leading food in the gastronomic tastes of millions of people, it has also been attributed with healing conditions for digestive problems, fever, or shortness of breath. There is no corner in the world where chocolate is unknown.

According to National Geographic, its discovery arose in the process of making beer with cocoa pulp by native peoples of Central America. Samples of this fruit dating between 1100 and 800 BC have been found in broken pieces of ceramic vessels in Honduras.

The Spanish gave chocolate the name "Xocolatl" but it was the Mayans who related the cocoa bean to the gift of wisdom and also gave it value as a bargaining chip to acquire vegetables, animals, and even buy slaves.


Many Facets

Chocolate has a versatile personality and the incredible ability to put on a variety of outfits to suit everyone: It can either be presented in the form of a white or brown bar with filling or natural to bite into or in creams and sauces or cold drinks that cheer hearts. It melts in the mouth, it is a first-line ingredient in the preparation of cakes and desserts and it pleases icy bodies by providing warmth in its liquid, steamy, seductive, and hot version. There are those who use it as an aphrodisiac or in spa sessions to benefit the skin. Chocolate is the best gift for the senses.

A long time passed since chocolate, derived from cocoa, was discovered and its incredible power of adaptation in various preparations and presentations was experimented with until reaching, at the end of the 19th century, the delicious bar that can be eaten once the wrapper is broken or the hot or cold drink whose taste can only bring happiness.


Chocolate, in its bitter version, is held responsible for health benefits due to its antioxidant power. It is also wonderful to know that its consumption adds density and thickness to the skin, which is why it is successful in preventing the dreaded wrinkles that reveal the passage of time.

Its components are stimulating and that is why we feel happy when we eat or drink it but it is pertinent to remember that its high caloric content could have an impact on weight gain.

Serotonin, a chemical present in chocolate, is a natural antidepressant, causes joy when consumed and, in addition, acts as a stimulant in the production of hormones responsible for experiencing pleasure, that is, endorphins.

Chocolate is delicious without a doubt and that is why it is so pleasant to be seduced by the enormous pleasure of tasting it.

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