Celebrating Men's Day Is Talking About Fairness and Balance

Every November 19, International Men's Day is celebrated, an opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to communities, societies, and families.

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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Taking as a reference framework six basic purposes according to men, in the month of November 2009, the world was urged to determine a day to celebrate their existence on planet Earth.

The first of these purposes have to do with the idea of ​​promoting the normalization of the image of a worthy man who works to procure his life daily with honesty. The second is to celebrate the contributions that this man makes to the societies in which he operates in all the countries of the world both within their families, in terms of the environment and the care and raising of his children. Thirdly, the fight against discrimination against men is recognized not only because of their attitudes but also because of the social expectations they have regarding their behavior. Fourth, it seeks to improve this gender's relations by seeking actions that, worldwide, promote equality. It closes the cycle of the 6 mentioned purposes, the creation of a safer world in which any man feels free to grow, develop and reach his potential with absolute fullness.

Two Versions

In 1992, 17 years before the ratification of these resolutions, the professor at the University of Missouri, in the state of Kansas, Thomas Oaster, had established that the celebration of International Men's Day worldwide would be every November 19 but the date took 7 years to become popular and recognized. This is one of the versions of this celebration that have been disseminated.

The second version on the birth of the idea of ​​celebrating men's day on a global level, according to the BBC, explains that Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a member of the University of the West Indies of Port of Spain, believed that, in addition to Father's Day, male human beings, including children and adolescents, had an exclusive day for themselves and it was chosen on November 19 because it was the birthday of Teelucksingh's father. The idea is that on this day the contributions that, throughout history, men have made to societies, their communities, and their families are recognized.


Both the United Nations (UN) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) supported the initiative and each year they design programs and activities to celebrate International Men's Day. Today the focus is on issues of gender equity and prevention of male diseases.

Voices Against

As all coins have heads and tails, there are some feminist movements that do not recognize this day as a date-worthy of celebration, arguing that gender equality is far from being a reality in many countries of the world and that men should give up many privileges that have kept them in dominant roles for many centuries to this day.

The truth is that, although profound differences between men and women persist, it is no less real than the two genders have contributed to the world from their condition and possibilities. Without a doubt, the results are better when men and women team up and work together to achieve common goals. A congratulatory greeting from the pages of The Woman Post to all the men of the world today, November 19.

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