Tips for Napping Without Affecting Your Night Sleep

Woman taking a nap
Although naps do not alleviate sleep deficit, they are a great way to recover from a bad night and reduce excessive daytime sleepiness.

Boost Your Health by Taking Time Off

Woman in holidays
Taking family vacations can have a long-lasting impact on your loved ones' happiness thanks to all the overall experiences and the memories those trips create.

Other Forms of Non-Physical Abuse and How To Detect It

Woman looking sad
We all know how to identify signs of physical abuse because it leaves visible scars and marks. The question is, can we recognize non-physical abuse?

Are You Binge Eating Without Noticing?

Hungry overweight woman holding hamburger on wooden plate
Binge eating it's characterized by recurrent episodes of overeating and a lack of control. Why does this happen and how to prevent it?

Childhood Obesity Worsens Due to Pandemic

Child eating an ice cream
Alteration of the regular diet, as well as an increase in food ingestion and sedentarism, are some of the factors that have contributed to an increase in childhood obesity during the past…

Test To Find Out if You Are Struggling With Anxiety

Woman with glasses
With the Beck anxiety test, you will discover if you have this disorder. This short self-administered questionnaire has great acceptance to measure anxiety in adults and adolescents. It has…

Can People With Allergies Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

Allergic person
Millions of People Have Allergies. Many Wonder If They Should Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Do You Know the Causes Of the Dreaded Sleep Paralysis?

Sleeping person
Sleep Paralysis Is One Of the Most Feared Parasomnias

How To Support a Loved One With Mental Illness

Hands of supportive friend holding hands of woman
If you don't know how to support a loved one with mental illness, you're not alone. One in three people will struggle with mental illness during their lifetime.

Interview: Is a Drug-free World Really Possible?

Two hands exchanging money and drugs
We spoke with Alejandra Medina, member of ATS and Échele Cabeza, about drugs, consumption and legalization

3 Ways Digital Tools Help Men to Get Mental Health Support

Man looking his smartphone
Whatever the circumstances, dealing with mental illness is a highly challenging thing to experience. Regardless of gender, mental illness doesn’t discriminate

Is there a COVID-19 weak point?

People lining up for vaccination
The reproduction of COVID-19 can be inhibited by chemical compounds, reducing the multiplication of the virus in infected cells

Are some anti COVID-19 vaccines more effective than others?

Woman getting a vaccine in her arm
It is clear that vaccines against COVID-19 have been shown to be highly effective, but is it true that some are more effective than others?

Infographic: Do you know what the Delta variant is?

Delta variant virus visualization vector
This is everything you need to know about the new variant of the coronavirus

5 Great Medical Advances Overshadowed By COVID-19

Woman inside laboratory holding a plate
These Are Five Medical Advances That Were Overshadowed By the Pandemic
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