Helpful Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction After Care Tips

Woman looking through a window.
Breast augmentations are very popular procedures in Australia

Liliana Consuegra: The Doctor with Angel Skin

Liliana Consuegra
Many of the patients cannot receive hugs due to the condition of their wounds ...

Motivating children with magic during COVID-19 pandemic

Magician with playing cards on his arm
It is important to continue motivating the creativity and imagination of our children

Coaching and its Contribution to Female Empowerment

Carlos Enrique Lozano
The Colombian coach, Carlos Enrique Lozano, explains the techniques that coaching has for female empowerment.

CBD in Latin America: The Rise of a Multi-Billion Dollar Market

Person holding green cannabis
CBD has revolutionized the health and wellness industry in the United States and some other parts of the world

What is the Black Death and what do we know about its return?

Man doing a test in a laboratory
As the world turns its attention to the Coronavirus, the old bubonic plague is once again making a presence in some countries.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads more indoors at low humidity

rH1 device
Indian-German research team recommends at least 40 percent humidity in public buildings

4 tips for mental wellbeing during the coronavirus lockdown

Woman in self-isolation
With all the changes happening as we overcome this pandemic, it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed

Almost 70% of caregivers of Alzheimer's patients are women

Woman standing next to a person in a wheelchair
The role of caregiver is feminized in the world specifically in the case of Alzheimer's without an apparent explanation

Why is it important to breathe well in quarantine? Some tips to do it better

Man wearing a black cap
Correct breathing is essential to stay calm. Let's see what are some tricks to do it well and improve your relaxation .

How fear transforms into anxiety

Man leaning on a table
A deadly coronavirus pandemic, economic instability and civil unrest menace the mental well-being of millions

Fitness youtubers to help you stay in shape

Youtuber Sascha Fitness and Fausto Murillo
If you want to stay in shape, you can do it by following YouTube channels of true connoisseurs of the world of fitness

COVID-19 may attack patients' central nervous system

LatinamericanPost News
Depressed mood or anxiety exhibited in COVID-19 patients may possibly be a sign that the virus affects the central nervous system, according to an international study led by a University of…

Impact of COVID-19 infection in blood cancer patients

Person drawing blood into a tube.
People with blood cancer are expected to be amongst those at increased risk of COVID-19 infection due to a weakened immune system because of their cancer

Your brain needs to be ready to remember?

PHoto of man sitting near the window.
What happens in the hippocampus even before people attempt to form memories may impact whether they remember
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