Gastronomy tradition seen from its roots

The gastronomy of each place borns of its products, its tradition and its cultural origins. And Latin American cuisine is nothing more than the logical result of that mixture of ethnic, cultural and social elements mixed in our continent.

In Latin America each town has its own culinary characteristics. Some come from the pre-Columbian era and others brought by the conquistadors, the colonizers, the emigrants. Cuisine of a land that fascinates, where its common elements do not uniform the proposals of their celebrated tables.

Latin America where the ingredients of their dishes come logically from those raw materials, from those natural productions of each place. Thus we find the gastronomy that is extended in the use of the Pacific and Atlantic seafood, the meats of the great pampas and plains, the fruits and vegetables of the rich fields, the exuberance and richness of the tropical lands.

If we take some product at random, say bananas or potatoes (Papa) must be seen starring gastronomic wonders in the stoves of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.
If we think of beef, Argentines and Uruguayans take the biggest laurels, and there are Colombians, Venezuelans and Brazilians with their famous steakhouses.

Lambs are the main dish of many countries, but the northern Mexican provinces pretend to be the big ones in that culinary line.
Also in Mexico, corn and beans are high in great gastronomic creations, and Colombians, especially those "Bandeja Paisas", so typical of the coffee zones of Colombia, show supreme possibilities of delighting with red beans, ground beef, rice, egg Fried, chorizo, the typical arepita (also very Venezuelan) pork crackling and those delicious slices of ripe banana ...

The banana very different to what is known as banana in the Canary Islands and peninsular Spain, which comes to be the cambur or banana, is a forced guest in several emblematic dishes of Colombia where the so celebrated patacones (fried green banana) called Tostones in Venezuela, make the delights of those who taste that typical culinary creation.

A gastronomy of those that raise applause and admiration for its variety and quality is the Peruvian. Peru is if you want to be fair, the Latin American country of better, more varied and elaborate gastronomy. This Inca land leaves the line of countries dependent on the culture of corn and beans, or meat as a repeated dish, to offer the world a menu of possibilities that places them among the great of the world's gastronomy.

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