Guatemala: new Year’s resolution

With an ancestral ceremony, a hundred people joined in Guatemala to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the signing of peace, in a Mayan ritual in which they called for a firm and lasting peace.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the signing of the Peace Agreements, a group of Mayan spiritual leaders arrived to the archaeological site Kaminal Juyú, located in zone 7 of the capital, to call for peace, Harmony and harmony among Guatemalans.

Arrived from different points of the country, the leaders united to ask for the end of the massacres to the native towns.

Undersecretary of the Secretariat of Peace (Sepaz), Rigoberto Casasola, recalled that ouy of the 12 agreements signed 20 years ago one refers to the identity and right of indigenous peoples.

"This is part of the agreements and the Sepaz supports the ancestral groups where there are many priests who perform this kind of ceremonies, they are of spiritual and Maya content," Casasola emphasized.

The signing of the Peace Accords ended a bloody 36-year internal conflict (1960-1996) that left some 250,000 victims, dead and missing.

Despite the conclusion of the agreements, the causes that led to the internal armed conflict in 1960, such as poverty and social inequality, still persist in Guatemala.

Out of the 16 million inhabitants of the Central American country, 59.3% live below the poverty line.

Poverty affects 79.2% of indigenous people, while the incidence among mestizos is 46.6%, according to official figures.

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