Buenos Aires oldest inhabitant

The remains of a strange creature that lived 3 million years ago was found in Argentina. It is a mammal similar to a camel with a horn that lived in the Pampas region.

Daniel Boh is in charge of the Municipal Museum of Miramar and three weeks ago, in his routine of finding fossils with his team of work in that locality, he gave himself one of the great tastes in his career of museologist: he found in Villa Golf the remains of a Promacrauchenia, a prehistoric creature of 3 million years.

"After the storms the cliffs are cleaned and you begin to see the fossils," Boh told Clarín yesterday afternoon. "We found that we did not have them in the Museum's collection, they belonged to another species." There was a part of the skull, parts of the front foot like phalanges and carp, which are the ones that allow us To know how he walked or if he ran, as well as a femur and vertebrae, "added the museologist.

The later analysis of the relics in the laboratory of the museum allowed to determine that they belonged to the Promacraucheniam an extinct mammal that lived in the pampean region. The material was found in sediments corresponding to the Pliocene, the time that reigned mammals and birds of great size, with a climate and environment similar to the current Chaco mountain.

"These were typical of South America, lived about 62 million years after the dinosaurs, their shapes were between a horse and an elephant, like a camel with a trunk," said Boh, who received help near golf, Of Francisco Elguero Suárez and later of Mariano Magnussen, technician of the museum that also worked to prepare the fossil.

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