Is the youth endangering culture and tradition?

The region’s culture is in danger of extinction. In Latin America, there has been an accelerated loss of customs and traditions. Everyday more and more young adults do not know their local history, are unaware of traditions, customs, legends, songs, and native musical tendencies. Therefore, almost every memorable character that made history have lost the special connotations that once existed in the cultural collective.

The family’s role passively responds to this accelerated loss of values. It seems as if the parents, as well as the elders, have also lost the connection with their own history.

On the other hand, the Latin American youth does not have an identity of its own. In general terms, the current youth likes to consume the new folklore that is being sold throughout various media outlets. Therefore, it becomes a generation that doesn’t interest itself in history and/or traditions, but rather just popular culture.

It rejects its roots irremediably and finds itself between the identity forms of its social context, and the invasive and alienating ones from the neo-culture coming from abroad. Television and social networks help them recognize this cultural expression as their own, even if it’s not.

We will continue hopelessly participating of the extinction of our own culture; we will continue being witnesses of globalization and the loss of identity of values in our history. If we don’t take an active part in this process, our collective memory will be erased from the cultural map of our homeland and replacing them with the information instilled from abroad.

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

LatinAmerican Post | Manuela Pulido

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