Colombian art takes Switzerland

"There are many artists in the world who aspire to be in the gallery rooms Christine Brügger, it is considered an honor. It was a surprise for me, I concluded that this could happen in two or three years," said the artist In a statement.

Likewise, the sculptor born in Bogotá, who will exhibit his creations in the country between January 7 and 27 of next year, said that his work is "very contemporary" and has a "plastic and social" background.

The exhibition, titled "Neurons", seeks to make the spectator reflect and make a plastic disquisition around the sensations and energy of the human body.

However, the exhibition also aims to reflect the political and social process that Colombia is experiencing with the peace of mind that runs through the country after the signing of the new agreement between the Government of Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC guerrilla, which puts an end to Five decades of armed conflict.

The exhibition of the Christine Brügger gallery, where they exhibited in the past the European, Asian and North American artistic "flower", will show a selection of current works of the best Colombian and Latin American sculpture.

The "abstractionist" work of Beltrán is based on sculptural creations of painted and natural steel combined with the structural experimentation that have triumphed in important national and international galleries.


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