Philip Potdevin took Wayú culture into a book

Philip Potdevin, who in 1994 won the National Novel of Colcultura Prize with the work Metatron and in 2014 he obtained the second mention of the Casa de Poesía Silva in the contest "Love in Poetry launched his work "Palabrero". Novel that shows the hard decision of Edelmiro Epiayú, an indigenous lawyer who must decide between defending the rights of his community or his only opportunity to get out of misery through a job with a multinational.

The protagonist of the work is a character of Wayuu descent who grew up watching the train of a large company go through their family ranchería to take coal from a gigantic mine to open sky to the port and that has displaced indigenous of its ancestral territory finishing with their rancherías And the cemeteries where the Wayuu bury their dead.

Edelmiro aspires to work as a lawyer in this company, this being his only way to thrive financially, but he is disenchanted to know the excesses of the miner and also to learn that Uncle Fulvio, his mentor, has committed suicide like hundreds of other Wayuu, Throwing himself on the train.

The mystery behind these suicides and the injustices that occur in the desert of Guajiro make Edelmiro then decide to embark on a trip to the Sierra Nevada where he learns how to babble. As a lawyer and a buffoon he dedicates his life to defending his people and his territory, which costs him two attacks against his life.

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