These are the 3 museums that you must visit before dying

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For its architecture and landscape, these are the museums that you can not miss

These are the 3 museums that you must visit before dying

Next, we show you which are the museums that most attract visitors for their architecture and landscapes.

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Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The name of the museum honors its goal, to rethink what is coming regarding Climate Change in the coming years. It is an architectural marvel for everything it represents concerning sustainability and environment; its architect was the Spaniard Santiago Calatrava. The structure measured 15,000 square meters and received the Leed Certificate from the Green Building Council for being a sustainable structure. As the Imaginario de Janeiro portal informed it, the wings that are in the composition are covered by small solar panels that during the day, when receiving the sun, generate clean energy which supplies the building and the base of water mirrors uses the water from the bay to provide the entire refrigeration system of the museum, it filters it in order to return it clean to the sea. A wonder that is worth visiting.

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Soumaya Museum of Plaza Carso (Mexico, Mexico City)

This museum is part of the Carlos Slim Foundation, AC Since March 29, 2011, offers its service to the public and is a non-profit cultural institution, precisely the entrance to the facilities is free for all people. The constructed area is 17,000 square meters, and the architect, philanthropist and urban planner who carried out the project is the Mexican Fernando Romero who also designed the New International Airport of Mexico City, for which he received international recognition. The building has an abstract shape with aluminum sheets that make the sun and light reflection on the structure. Inside the museum, there is an auditorium, a library, offices, a restaurant, a gift shop and a room that gives many uses. The structure complements the urban changes that the city has experienced in recent years because it is bordering Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City.

Lumen Museum (Italy)

It is the museum of aerial photography. To get here, visitors use a cable car, as it is located on Mount Kronplatz-Plan de Corones, better known as the Dolomite Mountains of Italy, at 2,275 meters above sea level. This is what was formerly the Plan de Corones funicular station one hundred and fifty years ago, according to the Traveler portal. From it, you can appreciate a spectacular view because you are at such a high point of the mountain. What is visited today is the interior and exterior design of the station, made by the architect Gerhard Mahlknecht. In 1,800 square meters, one of the main rooms is one of the most important photography exhibitions in this country and also has a restaurant with high cuisine that can accommodate two hundred people. A museum that can not be missed due to the historical importance and the impressive landscape that can be seen in it.

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