Celebrate women every day. Time's 100 Women of the Year

On Friday, a few days before International Women´s Day, Time magazine released '100 Women of the Year', a list celebrating influential females.

American aviator / pilot Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was the cover of the magazine in 1935. / Photo: Flickr.com/National Archief

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The publication indicates that for 72 years Time chose the Man of the Year. Then, by 1999, the magazine changed it to the Person of the Year, but this did not change the fact that men were the most selected.

This year, to commemorate Women´s day, Time decided to create a project to highlight the work of 100 women that were overshadowed by men. As read on CNN, the magazine chose 89 women to be on the new covers of more than 600 nominations and kept the 11 women who had already been chosen as Person of the Year. The publication spans from the year 1920 until 2019.

“For 72 years, Time named a Man of the Year. With a few exceptions, it was almost always a man, usually a president or a prime minister or perhaps a titan of industry. Throughout history, these are the kinds of men who have wielded influence over the world. The 100 choices in this project are the result of a months-long process that began with more than 600 nominations submitted by Time staff, experts in the field, our creative partner, filmmaker Alma Har’el, and a committee of notable women from various backgrounds,” said Time magazine in the introduction.

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Several artists worked on the development of the new covers. The one of 1920 highlights the work of the suffragettes in 1920, women fighting for their right to vote.

Also, as read on El Sol de México, Hillary Clinton appears on the cover of 2016 as the first woman close to arrive to the White House and be the President of the United States.

Female singer Beyoncé is the cover of 2014 and was selected for her incredible artistic career that began in the 90s and continues to revolutionize the world of music.

The work of the female aviator Amelia Earhart, who made an unprecedented flight across the Pacific Ocean, is highlighted in the 1935 cover. She left on January 11 from Hawaii and after traveling almost 4,000 kilometers in 18 hours landed in Oakland, California, becoming the first person to achieve that feat.

Also, as read on CNN, within the group of 100, there are three Hispanics. In 1938, Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist often recognized as Diego Rivera's wife, but now Time has acknowledged that her paintings also incorporated themes of female empowerment and willpower, apart from her famous self-portraits.

Eva Perón is the cover of 1946. Evita, as the Argentines call the country's most famous former first lady, used her influence to allocate money to massive social programs, to finance schools, orphanages, and hospitals. Her support was also crucial for the approval of women's suffrage in 1947.

Rita Moreno was the cover of 1961. The Puerto Rican actress was the first Latina to win an Oscar in 1962. She also won an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony, a feat that only 15 artists have accomplished.

Among the other women recognized by Time magazine are activists Dolores Huerta (1961), Simone de Beauvoir (1949), Malala Yousafzai (2009) and Greta Thunberg (2019).

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