Rio de Janeiro: the city of the Neo Dreamers

After Trump's victory, Latinos have turned to look at Brazil as a place to chase their dreams

Rio de Janeiro: the city of the Neo Dreamers

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in South America, known for its tropical appeal and beautiful living postcards. Due to its popularity as a "migration center" many Novos (new) Dreamers from different parts of Central America and South America as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Uruguay come to try their luck and shelter to Rio following the blue Green Dream.

The "Green gold" not only refers to the war for sale and fixed consumption of narcotics in the different favelas around the most important neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, a war that causes a lot of uncertainty and insecurity among the Carioca people. The term also refers to the colors of the Brazilian homeland that also represent a dream. These colors are found everywhere: on the clothes of the pedestrians, in the shops and bazaars, in the "Botecos (Cantinas)" and "Barracas (beach tents)". On the beaches, that green and blue with the phrase "Ordem and Progresso" gives a warm and friendly welcome that makes you think of an apparent order between chaos, despite the "warnings" issued to travelers before embarking on a flight.

People from Central and South America emigrate with few savings with the fear of currency change and a financial crisis, because there is a big difference in exchange and currency. Also, the news of violence makes people think twice before heading to the Mecca Carioca, but that does not limit the hope and the spirit of adventure, or the desire to work in what they like. These new dreamers are the hearts of thousands of travelers, many digital nomads or freelancers, from designers, musicians, creatives and artists and not just people involved in culture. In recent years many doors have been opened, and there are now work positions available for the areas of medicine, research, educational exchanges and sports teams as well as visa policy facilities.

All kinds of entrepreneurs or "Novos Dreamers" Come every day looking for the "blessing of Samba" since many ave left the dram of going north behing from the rise of Trump to the Government of the United States. Now, they turn more and more to the south. Seeing and acknowledging the economic problems within  their home country's borders and knowing the hit of corrupt governments, they see Brazil and especially Rio de Janeiro as a place where they can have more empathy with culture. In comparison to what immigrants find when going to the United States, in Brazil they find similarity in food and customs and even in the way of life. You may not hear the typical locals' complaints from this new community that keeps the economy in an apparent balance and in a stable incubator that survives little by little after the loss of funds in past years.


Latin American Post | Aldo Mauricio Leal Larroa

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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