Bin Laden in Sao Paulo: The appealing bar of Brazil during the Olympics

And because life is not only about competing, the Brazilian bar with one of the weirdest names opened up the gates for the curious. 

And because life is not only about competing, the Brazilian bar with one of the weirdest names opened up the gates for the curious.

At the end of a long day full of efforts in aims to set world records, win medals or just fulfil one of these challenging events, athletes understand their need to take a rest and relax after an amazing performance.

As night life options in the futurist Olympic village buildings are limited, many decide to walk and go further until they find this little bar with a weird and controversial name: Bar Do Bin Laden.

Well, don’t get scared or anything by the name. It obviously refers to Osama Bin Laden, terrorist and founder of Al-Qaeda. Nonetheless this is a place without any extremist ideology to be clear.

The weird name of the bars, is more the result of the comparison made between the appearance of the terrorist, responsible of the 11th of September attacks, and the bar owner himself.

José Felipe Araujo, the owner, describes how it all started: “Right after the 11th of September, everybody started calling me Bin Laden for obvious reasons. The nickname just remained, so I just decided to take advantage of it.

José, who is 60 years old, worked for many years as a farmer and opened his bar almost more than a decade ago.

The place offers the thirsty costumers from all around the world a very warm welcome along with the usual dishes in Rio, loins, pizzas and stupidly cold long beer bottles.

Curiously, this messy but cozy bar that takes the name of the Saudi terrorist killed in Pakistán last 2011, is not the only one.

In the center of Sao Paulo, there is another bar under the name Bil Laden. The Bin Laden Espetinhos Bar offers meat brochettes i nBelo Horizonte. In the depths of Pernanbuco state, in the northeast of the Salgueiro city another Bin Laden bar has fried pork dishes.

The name might sound weird to you, maybe even offensive as it for a great portion of the west culture. However this is not the case of Brazil, a country that haven’t suffered terrorist attacks of this kind, the same that caused horror in other several regions of the world.

Some say the possible sense of this Bin Laden phenomenon is the existence of a popular funk artist, famous in Brazil with the name MC Bin Laden.

Araujo, dressed in jean shorts and sandals, said proudly that his customers came from all around the word, multiple nationalities, religious beliefs and politic ideologies in one place.

The official name of the place of Pizzeria Specialle, but whenever somebody mentions that name, he only gets empty looks.

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