2016 was a violent year for Venezuela

According to the OVV report, the total number of violent deaths the past year is slightly higher than the already scandalous in 2015, when it reached 27,875 cases.

In addition to rising inflation, shortages of food, medicines and bills, Venezuelans received the last bout of the year with the publication of the annual report of the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), which concludes that in the country 28,479 murders occurred during 2016 This represents a rate of 91.8 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants - surpassed only by El Salvador - making Venezuela the second most violent country in the world.

A panorama on which President Nicolas Maduro again surprised the Venezuelans announcing the next purchase of weapons technology and weapons "for the fight against the enemy that we have to fight to preserve the peace of our land." He added, without giving further details, that "the general in chief (Defense Minister, Vladimir Godfather) is going to Russia and China to close deals and bring in the most modern technology and weapons in the world."

In the narrative of the Venezuelan president not only does not exist the structural insecurity denounced by the OVV, but the economic shocks, looting and riots that occurred in the last weeks after his announcement to abruptly suspend the value of the 100 bolivars was generated by the " Colombian paramilitarism "and" traffickers "who seek to destabilize the" Bolivarian revolution "in alleged conspiracy with the opposition of their country.

He assured that his decision to suspend the Venezuelan ticket of maximum value - this Thursday decided to extend until January 20 the validity of the 100 ticket - was a fatal blow to alleged mafias of money changers and with which Colombians would be very satisfied: "About All in Cucuta and Maicao (...), the Colombian people love me. What's more, if I go to the presidency of Colombia I win with 70 percent, "he said in a bid for self-esteem offered nationally after making a positive balance of his management this year. "I can tell you that the strategies we have developed have been correct and successful," he said. (Read also: Venezuela rejects possible agreement between Colombia and Otán)

According to the OVV report, the total number of violent deaths this year is slightly higher than the already scandalous in 2015, when it accounted for 27,875 cases. The non-governmental organization makes this compilation from the cases reported by the press, data collected by six regional observatories (supported by major universities in the country) and leaks by state security agencies, as they officially ceased to provide up-to-date information on violence in the country since 2002.

The report also reveals that the country counts between 1 and 4 massacres (three or more homicides in the same event) each week and experiences "a new phenomenon" that is the emergence of crimes and violence linked to hunger, a modality that involves Amateur delinquents who steal no more sumptuary products but food.

Although it clarifies that this classification excludes countries that live in armed conflicts or wars, it affirmed that in some cases Venezuela exceeds in amount of homicides to nations that have undergone massive bombings.

Although Venezuela has shown an upward spiral of citizen insecurity for at least 15 years, this year the implementation of the People's Liberation Operations - police strikes in popular neighborhoods for mass capture of criminals - and the acute shortage of food have opened two new fronts Of social tension that, according to the OVV, had repercussions in the increase of the violence in the country. This year also highlights that 130 police officers were killed to dispossess them of their weapons or confronting heavily armed criminals, including grenades.

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