Integration proposals came back

Colombian Defense Minister Camilo Ospina, presented an initiative of political and economic integration for Latin America in the current conjuncture imposed by the new president of the United States, Donald Trump. Is it likely to happen?

Camilo Ospina, Colombian Defense Minister, expressed that with this "initiative is intended to achieve the cohesion of Latin American and Caribbean countries in a large block, where the sociocultural characteristics of its members, go prior to making decisions. 

The Unelaya project is part of the effort of the "Unite foundation, founded in 1999, with its sole social objective, to promote the integration of Latin America".

In Ospina's view, the proposal comes into effect when US President Donald Trump, with his "populist and suicidal" proposals, will isolate this American country.

"These positions (of Trump) curiously opens a huge window. You can not be kicking everyone and waiting for nothing to happen, "he said.

Ospina, former Colombian ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), is the leader of the movement that "welcomes the needs of more than 640 million Latinos and Caribbeans, which is twice the population of the United States of America. (320 million inhabitants). "

Latin America lives in a "unique political and social context, where the possibility of integration becomes imperative, regardless of political affiliation, religion, sex, race or socio-economic stratum."

The first phase of Unelaya begins in Mexico and extends its route through Central America (Guatemala and Costa Rica), where Ospina, explains to different sectors the five action scenarios. 

The first phase of the project is to seek the integration of people from the common to the campaign, Dissemination; Promotion and dissemination of the project, collection of votes by different countries in the region, official call for votes, call ballots to go to elections 

"People can participate in the project by voting on the official website of the foundation,, in the section" Vote ".

Ospina clarified that the Unelaya initiative has its central axis in the participation of society within "the daily scenarios, in which the political and economic decisions of each State are materialized."

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