Juan Carlos Tinoco: Thanos has a Colombian voice

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The outstanding barranquillero dubbing actor has worked for almost three decades playing various characters in the film industry

Juan Carlos Tinoco: Thanos has a Colombian voice

Since the 90s he started in several production houses in Bogotá working especially for radio and commercial television stations, from there after several jobs he moved to Mexico in 2002 because of the wide range of projects that come to the Central American country in a matter of dubbing. In Mexico, he meets his current wife Carola Vásquez.

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Within its trajectory he has been recognized by several famous characters between these is Brian Griffin the dog of Family Man, the Diamond mayor of The Simpsons, Thanos of the film of Marvel Avengers: Infinity War and the dubbing of the famous actor Dwayne Johnson "The Rock", for which the actor claims to have been recognized by adults and children, so he tells for the portal21: "First, they listen to the voice, then they look for where he comes, and when they see me, they want to ask, but they do not dare, and when they look again, I tell them ... "You are arrested Toreto!"

As curiosities of the industry indicates that they do not have much preparation for the voice of the character, but it is not a problem for the actor since the producers know the talent and record of each and can interpret it promptly, also indicates not having a relatively stable job since it is not he who generates the work but the producers and directors, however, he assures to do the dubbing of 5 to 8 projects per month because of the great spirit and recognition he has had.

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For the axis21 portal, Juan Carlos assures and appreciates his training at the ARCO academy, an entity specializing in the training of audiovisual communication professionals where he indicates having had contact with the great director Jimmy Camargo: "all of us who are trained in the academy receive support and motivation of Don Jimmy. "

Now, every time they recognize the serious voice of Juan Carlos in the movies or series they will know that he is a Colombian talent, of those who are not very famous but who also leave high the name, professionalism, and dedication of all the compatriots that day by day they are more and more recognized abroad.

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