What to do with your dog when you go on a trip?

These are some alternatives that will allow you to enjoy your trips with tranquility knowing that your pet will be well

What to do with your dog when you go on a trip?

The holidays are the perfect time to share with the family and disconnect from the routine. However, for some, these days are a sad separation from your pet and a series of questions arise around what to do to not leave them alone.

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We present here some alternatives that will allow you to enjoy your trips with peace knowing that your furry friend is safe:

  • Consider taking them with you: more and more people are traveling with their pets, so the market has opened to accept them. Search for a guide to hotels, restaurants and beaches where they are admitted and review their regulations. According to ABC, there are some places where, in addition to accepting them, they also include welcome packs for puppies with treats, toys and even beds.
    Although this is a great idea, do not forget to respect basic guidelines so that your health does not become unstable or an accident occurs. Fit your car, look for safe airlines, carry the necessary tools for your care and remember that everything can happen.
  • Find a trusted friend or family member: this way you don't have to take your pet out of the house, where they feel calm and comfortable, call that person with whom you know your hairy is going to be safe. Leave the necessary food for the days you will not be and a list with detailed instructions of the care your dog needs.
    "Our animal can be fearful, distrustful or even aggressive in some occasions, and the person to whom we leave it must be aware of those traits of its character, know how to react to these situations and be aware of what may happen" recommends the executive director of Miscota in an interview with the Colombian journal El Espectador.

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  • Canine Kangaroo: there are apps such as Canine Host, Dogbuddy and Gudog that allow you to find people willing to take care of your dog. According to 4patas, when entering the platform you can find caregivers near your home, see your photo album, read opinions from other customers and book online easily and safely. In addition, the prices of these kangaroos are usually quite low compared to other options.
  • Leave it in a dog daycare: if you leave your pet in a specialized place, you must make sure that the conditions of the pet are optimal. Try to go a few days before traveling and take your dog with you to get used to it. See if the facilities are clean and if the people there are specialists. In addition, you should leave a list with the habits of your dog in case you require special care.
    According to El Espectador, it is advisable to bring a blanket or a toy that your dog recognizes, his usual food to avoid gastrointestinal diseases and all veterinary documentation.

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Translated from "¿Qué hacer con tu perro cuando te vas de viaje?"

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