Can you talk with your pet? It could be possible!

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With technological devices, the barking of a dog can be translated into human language

Talk to your pet? It could be possible!

Understanding, talking and communicating with the pet is the desire of most people with dogs or cats in their homes. Some technological inventions have tried to reduce this gap, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), this desire could soon become reality.

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This is indicated on his website by Dr. Con Slobodchikoff, a researcher at the University of Arizona, who for 30 years has studied the behavior and communication of dogs and who together with a team of experts developed an AI instrument capable of learning and interpret dog vocalizations and translate them into human language.

After three decades of observation, Slobodchikoff and his team collected enough evidence to prove that dogs used language to communicate their needs in the same way that humans do. This information was added thousands of hours of videos of dogs performing all kinds of sounds, behaviors and interactions, material that the experts incorporated into an algorithm that learns and interprets the intention of the barking or howling of dogs.

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"I'm hungry", "throw me the ball!"

After numerous trials, the researchers discovered the tangible possibility of creating technological instruments capable of translating the gestures or sounds emitted by a pet in real time. That's how they founded Zoolingua , a company that develops technology that allows humans to understand what a dog is trying to say.

In this way, deciphering a pet's message could be as easy as putting a cell phone in front of the animal's face and the program will analyze the movements, tones, and vocalizations of the dog to result in a phrase like "I want to eat now", "I want to go for a walk", "I need to play" or "one ear hurts".

According to Slobodchikoff on its website, until now the technology starts to develop only in English language and with dogs. This is due to the numerous information that has been collected with the canines during the decades of research and the demand that the products could have when offered to the Anglo-Saxon public.

According to Slobodchikoff's explanations, the development of these devices has an objective that goes beyond allowing humans to understand their pets and have fun with what they communicate. Its fundamental intention is to be able to help between 2 and 4 million dogs that are massacred every year in the USA. for problems of canine aggression.

The specialist indicates that this type of technology could help determine the reason for the violent behavior of the animal since in a concrete way it would be understood if they are going through a situation of pain, fear, sadness or other needs. And although at the moment only works around dogs, it is expected to apply the project also in cats.

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