Uruguay Elects Tabar__ V__squez President

Opposition candidate Luis Lacalle Pou conceded defeat after initial, unofficial counts showed V__zquez won more than 53 percent of the vote.

V__zquez was Uruguay_s president from 2005 to 2010. An oncologist, V__zquez was the country_s first leftist president. When he took office in 2005, Uruguay was still reeling from a 2002 economic crisis. V__zquez_s reforms are considered to have resulted in economic growth and declining poverty rates, contributing to his high approval ratings when he left office.

Leading up to the 2014 election, voters indicated their top concerns were rising crime and education, two issues V__zquez has said he will tackle.

V__zquez will succeed Jos__ Mujica, a Broad Front politican and former leftist guerrilla who oversaw sweeping changes like laws aimed at marijuana legalization, and the legalization of gay marriage.

Vazquez is considered more moderate than Mujica, but said he would endorse the outgoing president_s marijuana legislation, which aims to provide an alternative to the U.S.-backed _war on drugs._ Opposition candidate Lacalle Pou said he would repeal the legislation if he won the runoff.

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