7 Life-Affirming reasons to live ali

Start now and start small. It’s simply a matter of small actions and time.

Our culture has been whispering to us since we could listen: more is better. Be more, do more, have more. It’s not a want, it’s a need. More. More. More.

When we look at it written out like that, we all know it’s wrong. You don’t need more. You are enough. Having more stuff, more busyness, more power and prestige: these do not increase your worth as a human being.

We have reached a place in our evolution where time is becoming a precious and valued commodity. Our souls are craving a simplicity with the underlying want of feeling less pressure and less stress in our lives.

Designing a simple life means having fewer distractions in your life, so you can focus on what matters. It’s about saying no to everything that gets in the way, but saying yes to what’s right for you. It means having more of some things: more time, more energy, more space, more flex in your budget, more peace of mind. It means having less of others: less distractions, less frustration, less clutter, less drain on your resources.

Here are some reasons to start living a simpler life:

• You begin to realize that your true self-worth and what inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning has nothing to do with how much stuff you own.

• You will be willing to try something new. New priorities, new perspectives, new questions, new choices.

• As you simplify your life, you get closer to the core – the essence – of who you are. You can see in greater detail the faults, the flaws, the strengths and the beauty of your authentic self.

• Almost universally, those who pursue a simpler life will become physically healthier. You become more mindful of what you eat, how much you eat, how you move your body and how you care for yourself.

• You release your attachment from addictive consumption and switch to conscious consumption. The simpler you live the more conscious you become about your spending choices. You value each purchase. You have a greater awareness as to the consumable items environmental impact and effect on sustainable living. You buy wisely with the bigger picture in mind.

• You will no longer float through the days caught in your past or your future. The present will be your reality and you will be capable of living there, soaking it in, learning and participating. You will be present playing with your kids, loving your partner, talking with you friends, the work you do.

• Living in a smaller home just big enough for your needs saves you plenty of money which, in turn, reduces your money stress. You are now no longer worried about the fluctuation in mortgage interest rates. It is cheaper to heat and cool, you need less cleaning products and you can’t over spend on furniture, decorations and stuff as you only buy accordingly to your limited storage space.

This life is yours for the taking. Embrace it by embracing a life of simplicity.

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