Why being alone (sometimes) is good for your soul

Here are a few suggestions for creating some alone time for you.

It seems as if we spend so much time filling our days with activities that finding down time, time to be alone is fleeting. Some people feel guilty when they spend time alone, or they just don't like it. But being alone and being a loner, or lonely even, are completely different things.

People need time alone. It can be good for our souls to take a little time for ourselves. These are 7 ways being alone can be good for the soul.

1. Being alone clears the mind: There is a lot of chatter in our lives. The media, our colleagues, our friends and our family all contribute to how we form our opinions through expressing theirs. When we take the time to be alone, we can clear our mind of all the noise and allow our inner voice to become clear.

2. Being alone builds your confidence: It's hard to remain confident when you have so many external forces pushing and pulling at you. Spending some time alone helps you get in touch with yourself and build your confidence.

3. Being alone fosters creativity: Creativity happens when our mind is free to explore and wander. When we are alone, there aren’t competing thoughts and agendas, which allows our mind the freedom to take a journey based on true inspiration.

4. Being alone relieves stress: Stress and anxiety are almost always caused by external forces, like judgement and the expectations of others. Spending time alone helps us unwind and think about what's important to us instead of what we must do for others.

5. Being alone makes you more productive: When you're constantly around other people, it's hard to pursue dreams and do the things we know we need to do. Taking time out of every day to be alone helps you gather your thoughts and be more productive.

6. Being alone encourages independence: Being comfortable thinking and acting independently of our support network is the key to living our best life. When we spend time alone, we are allowed to dream and create goals that allow us to evolve independently of others.

7. Being alone strengthens relationships: Believe it or not, spending time alone supports and strengthens the relationships with the people that matter most to us. When we have the time to understand and value ourselves, we are better able to understand and value others.

Also, here are a few suggestions for creating some alone time for you:

• Download a piece of music you’ve always wanted to hear in concert: Find a place where you can listen to it by yourself, and just allow yourself to feel it.

• Try the class you’ve always wanted to try: Have you always wondered what they do in a Kundalini yoga class? Find one and go! You can also find wine tasting classes, cooking classes, and there’s even a cheese pairing class in our neighborhood. Look around and take a class that opens a door to a new dimension of you.

• Take some time to spend alone in nature and leave your headphones at home: Time amongst the trees, water, and birds will give you an opportunity to hear your own thoughts. Hear the sounds of nature, feel the breeze, and just be open to any thoughts that drift into your mind.

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