5 things people with luck do differently

Put the stars, moon, and sun in your corner by emulating these things lucky people do naturally.

Ask incredibly successful entrepreneurs, or people incredibly successful in any pursuit, and all of them will say luck played an important role in their success.

Talent, expertise, determination, and perseverance: All those qualities and many more are certainly important. But so is luck: meeting the right person, being at the right place, making a snap decision that turns out so much better than you ever expected it would.

But can you make your own luck? Apparently you can. Here’s how.

1. They keep an eye out for open doors: Ever sat on a street and watched dozens of people step over a quarter on the sidewalk, until one stops and picks it up? That single person had their senses engaged, noticed the opportunity, and took it. Whether it’s spare change or a big career break, lucky people remain engaged, constantly scanning the horizon for the next opportunity.

2. They trust their intuition: Too often we lean too heavily on left brain logic alone. So if you've made a few unlucky decisions think about where you could be tuning in more to your intuition and asking yourself: "Does this feel right?" Of course it's not about throwing out the logic-baby with the bathwater, but it's about tuning into that 'sixth' sense rather than ignoring it. As research shows, when it comes to the really big decisions in life, over analyzing things can actually lower your odds of making the best decision.

3. They start early: A “lucky” break is often what occurs after dozens, or even hundreds, of failed attempts. Lucky people begin a pursuit well in advance of their target deadline. If they want to start a business in 5 years, for instance, they keep a notebook of their ideas and observations now. If they want to run a marathon next year, they will go for a jog after work today. If they like that cute lady or gentleman down the row, they will chat this evening in hopes that a date invitation materializes soon.

4. They see the glass half full: A setback for one person can be a wonderful opportunity for another. It's not about what happens, but how you interpret it and the opportunity you find in it. When you choose to look for opportunity in your adversities, you are guaranteed to find them If you can't, look harder. You'll never find good fortune in things if you are only looking at what's wrong and what you don't have. By being optimistic we can find opportunity in adversity and take actions that our pessimistic friends wouldn’t bother to take. In turn we create new opportunities for ourselves.

5. They pass it on: How do lucky people show their gratitude? They pass on their luck, whether emailing around a good coupon, giving that quarter off the street to someone else, or donating their time, energy, and hopefully some of that luck.

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