Dominican Republic female population stands up

Abortion was decriminalized in February 2014, however, the Supreme Court recently decided to reinstate the absolute criminal prohibition of abortion, dating from the nineteenth century. In addition, homosexual marriage is not allowed and has not created any law that protects the situation of the LGTB collective.

Internet going further

According to the country's constitution, Bolivia's 37 languages are recognized as official. However, although this linguistic diversity can be observed daily, this is not reflected on the Internet, where Spanish is still the dominant language.

How does Christmas look like for Mayos and Yaquis?

In Sonora, only the Yaqui and May indigenous groups, from the eight original ethnic groups, perform rituals for the celebration of Christmas, because they are the ones that had the greatest impact from Catholicism.

Argentina fights prostitution

Ten transsexuals slammed prostitution in the Argentine city of La Plata by setting up the first hairdressing salon that fights discrimination against their community in the southern country.

Brazil budget cuts put uncontacted Amazon tribe at risk

Tribe, who fired arrows at helicopter photographing them, also face threat from proposed change to land laws, says group

Aymara women using radio to raise awareness of children’s disabilities

The radio program is a way to contribute to society and, at the same time, to get the authorities to pay attention to the plight of disabled people.

2016 didn’t change for sports in Colombia

Rio was the chance for the country to reckon the potential in its athletes, some changes have been made with the years but there is still a lot to be enhanced.

Unemployment and informal work explain the Latin American situation

Compared with other regions of the world, the Latin American private sector, that employs the majority of workers in the region, does not generate enough quality jobs.

Colombia’s senate approves referendum on gay adoption ban

A bill that seeks a referendum to ban adoption by same-sex couples and singles passed through Colombia’s Senate on last Tuesday.


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